Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

Party politics today is a race to the boxcars; first team there gets to make the other team ride.

Tamara K. @TamSlick
Tweeted on February 21, 2020
[There is a certain amount of ominous truth to that.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

    • “The boxcars” is pithier and shorter. “One team is racing for the boxcars and the other for the helicopters” would be cumbersome and unfunny, but more technically correct.

      • Or Concerned Citizens “Morbark 30”, industrial chipper?
        After all, we are Americans! Go big!

        • “We need to throw the socialists out of helicopters!”
          “Because they want to kill their political opponents!”

          Christ Jesus, that is stunningly retarded.

          • Ya, I tried being intelligent once. Then I realized it was the retards that were having all the fun! You should try it. You might even drink a little less? I mean it’s not like your getting out of idiocracy anyway.

  1. The other side doesn’t care about facts. They care about power. The normies don’t get that. My approach now is to push the appropriate buttons.

    “I know why the cavalry wanted the disarm the Indians. I know why the Soviets wanted to disarm the Kulaks. I know why the KKK wanted to disarm the blacks. I know why the Nazi wanted to disarm the Jews and Gypsies. They all did it in the name of ‘public safety.’ Why do YOU want to disarm people so only the cops to have guns? You sound like a rapist telling his victim ‘don’t make a scene and come along quietly.'”

  2. The difference , of course, is that the extremists on the right are internet commandos whom no one has ever heard of and a very limited number of street fighters who don’t actually do much of anything. The extremists on the left are elected officials and their staffs, celebrities, university professors etc., plus the internet commandos. The left also has street fighters who have repeatedly engaged in actual violence.

    Sorry, this is a false equivalence.

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