First Covid19 death tonight, in King County

Via email:

I work in the fire department as a medic and our medical service officer just informed us of that info.

And that’s literally all we know.

Choose safe, be ready.

King County is the county surrounding Seattle and east to basically to the top of the Cascades.

I don’t recognize the email alias and have no basis upon which to judge the accuracy of the information.


11 thoughts on “First Covid19 death tonight, in King County

    • Old news, I guess, confirmed, including 7 or more responders quarantined.

      Latest I saw was 12 confirmed cases WA, 6 King County, most “community transmission”, although the USPS employee here in Federal Way just returned from a trip to South Korea…

  1. No matter. It’s coming sooner or later. Incubation period is to long. We should be thankful it’s not like Hanta virus. That can live in dried rat piss, become air born weeks later. Then infect you. Boost your immune system as best you can. Cause professional medical help is going to be in short supply.
    Once this hits the homeless/ junkie slums, nothing going to stop it.

  2. Considering how quickly the left wing media would jump on this if it were real, the fact that it doesn’t appear at all in news searches tells me this is a fake.

  3. Huh. Starting to hear confirmation. 5 hours later. News will be everywhere in 3 more, i guess

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  5. Friday, it was announced that Santa Clara County, CA, (location of Silicon Valley) has it’s first confirmed corona infected person. No know vector for infection. That long incubation is going to play havoc with attempts to track it back in these early days.

    • Yes. And if it hits communities with poor health practices and complicating underlying medical problems, think what will happen when it hits San Francisco…..

      I suppose that’s one way to lower housing prices.

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