Quote of the day—Kevin M. Washington

As a nation we need to live up to the principles of America and that means devotion to the nation and its people.

Self centered elites who break the law all the time for personal gain of power and money are a criminal class. They are not in any way interested in devotion to our people or our country.

Kevin M. Washington
January 28, 2020
Anti-2A lawmakers completely ignore facts, push sweeping gun control legislation
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin M. Washington

  1. That needs to mean *all* people, not just “the ones who agree with us.” Demonization of your political opponents is (historically) not an American value. A habit among some, yes, but not a value.

    Heather Cox Richardson points this out most succinctly about the current Republican party and their denigration of their opponents:

    “Today, on the floor of the Senate, retired Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz said the quiet part out loud. Trying to argue that it was okay for Trump to withhold congressionally approved funds from Ukraine until Ukraine’s president agreed to smear Trump’s key rival in the 2020 election, Dershowitz said that Trump’s actions were in the public interest because Trump believes that his reelection is what’s best for the country.

    If a president can do anything to get reelected, including using the power of the American government to pressure a foreign country into smearing a rival, under what possible circumstances would we ever have a change in president? He or his selected replacements will rule forever.

    This denigration of Republicans’ opponents has metastasized. Now, at the top of our political system, the president refers to those who challenge his power as “crazy… radical rage-filled, left socialists,” calling even staunch Republicans like former FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller Democrats when they oppose him. Republicans have gotten to a point where they believe that anyone who is not one hundred percent behind Trump is a dangerous, ungodly socialist and/or a baby killer.

    If so, it is surely patriotic to make sure such people never hold power. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, lying, taking foreign money, asking a foreign government to smear a rival… as Dershowitz said, all of those things seem to be for the good of the country if you have demonized your political opponents.”


    • Poor John. Logic, science, mathematics, history? All seem to have escaped you for the sake of politics. How sad.
      Class, Today We have Bernie Bro here to tell you all about the bad orange man! Or maybe he’s a lost Obama adviser? Doesn’t matter! Take it away John!

      • Also, maybe you could explain to us all just how and when you lost your sense of hypocrisy? Being one of few communist to visit here. Maybe answer a few honest questions? We would all like to understand what makes you folks tick!
        I know, Communist is harsh. Sorry for the stereotype.

        • John, It’s obvious you read/practice Sal Alinsky. So, did get introduced at college? University? Or are you more a home schooled bigot?
          Also, Tell us about your childhood. Must have been traumatic beyond believe! Maybe somehow you missed breakfast once? Was there a brain injury in your passed? I mean, something must have happened to bring you to this low mental estate?

  2. “They are not in any way interested in devotion to our people or our country.”

    They will of course say that they are devoted to the country and its people, and will in fact convince many that they are sincere. They’ve already convinced many that the U.S. constitution is getting in the way of “serving” the country and its people, calling it a “Charter of Negative Rights”.

    They are extremely clever in their rhetoric, and thus very dangerous.

    It all comes down to what those “principles of America” are, exactly. They’ll argue for “free speech” so long as it suits their purposes, and then shut it down once they’ve gained the advantage. Same goes for every other “American principle”. Same goes for “Democracy”– They love “Democracy” so long as it gets them what they want, but when it doesn’t, when they lose an election, why, it is Democracy itself which is being corrupted, and so on and on and on… With the 2A its your guns they’re after, not theirs, etc., and speech is now “violence”, don’t you know.

    The instant we fall back on the fundamental principles of liberty, which are our only hope, they’ll attack us for being “Extremists” and “Fundamentalists”, or “Extremist,. Fundamentalist Separatists” and so on. These tricks have already been in the playbook for generations, and aside from the fact that we’re playing catch-up in this regard, very few will be able to withstand the attacks. Certainly no Republican will stand up, really.

    So; who is left to stand? And for what, exactly? And against what, exactly?

    For example; if you don’t know that the United States is the “second beast” which causes all the world to wonder after the “first beast” (which is the “little horn power”) then your edification regarding the Protestant Reformation (which has shaped much of the political world for the last 500 years or so), and regarding the counter-Reformation, has yet to begin. Believing all of that to be past history and of no relevance, rather than the current world tactical situation, will put one farther into confusion and thus more unable to respond appropriately.

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