Quote of the day—McChuck

The Democrats want you dead and gone, and your culture not just destroyed but forgotten.  To finish the job, they need to take your guns from you.  They have already stolen your votes by importing millions of foreigners and federal government drones.  They silence your voices from the media.  They hide the crimes commit against you in the news.  Their corrupt judges rule from the bench with an iron fist in a black robe.  They bankrupt you with inflation and debt.

When the soap box has been burned,
When the ballot box has been stolen,
When the jury box has been corrupted,
That only leaves Pandora’s box.

May God have mercy upon their souls, for we must have none.
God help us all.

December 29, 2019
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—McChuck

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  2. Pandora’s box, aka “Kicking the lid off of Hell.”

    The Blackshirts had best watch what they kick, and would do well to remember what happened the last time Americans had to go make things right with Blackshirts and Brownshirts.
    I just wonder who the Blackshirts will choose as Matteoti.

  3. Really? Fox news is the most watched network in the country. Any “democratic crimes” are well documented by them. Corrupt judges? Have you watched the process by which McConnell/Trump have appointed judges? They’re going to town with that one. And “inflation and debt?” Trump’s now responsible for the biggest deficit in history.

    I’m not saying the dems are all good, but if you’re gonna call them out, at least have the honesty to admit it’s on both sides. The problem here isn’t democrats, it’s an entrenched two party system that works for itself. We don’t need to get rid of democrats (or liberals, for that matter), we need to get rid of the two party system.

    • Go read the Communist manifesto. Then the Declaration of Independence, Then try the Constitution. Then come back and tell us who and what needs to go!

    • The lesson, which has been lost on the Dems is that if you’re going to change the rules, don’t be surprised if your opponents use your techniques against you.
      This is the same lesson, whether it is the idea of “Sanctuary Cities” where the King’s writ does not run (immigration or firearms laws, same difference), or the idea that rules need only be changed by 50%+1 vote as was done first by the Dems with lower federal judges, and copied, to their distress, by the Reps with Supreme Court Justices. “No, No, you’re doing it just the way I did it to you!”

      • The problem, at least part of it, is that many on the left don’t want to study history and learn from it, they want to rewrite it so it conforms to their preferred reality, the reality where they are right, they are wise, and they are totally in charge. They seek power, absolute power. Why? Reasons vary by individuals, but I’m sure we all can speculate with reasonable accuracy what the typical range of reasons include.

    • I think McChuck is overstating things. But he is directionally correct. Which political party has staff talking about putting people in reeducation camps and saying the Soviet Union Gulags weren’t that bad? Oh, and they want to confiscate our guns?

  4. And Trump’s deficit is inherited/ going to support who? Obama spent how much? I guess if we took all the “refugees / cheap labor” off welfare our deficit would be how bad? Who keeps suing to keep the border wide open?
    Ya, Megan, Wallace, And Shepard did a great job of reporting that Hillary hasn’t committed any crimes. Where was that server that Obama use to email her on located? Who’s trying to bring witnesses to a phone call we already have a transcription of? Bipartisian impeachment from a secret meeting?
    You remember the old question, If a tree falls in the forest, does it still make a noise? Well just because the media doesn’t report something, doesn’t mean something didn’t happen. Ever wonder what prison you would be in for giving 2500 guns to Mexican cartels? And we’ll all pass on the Epstein story.
    Judges? You mean like the one that put 70 year old Hammond in prison for 5 yrs. on federal terror charges. After he already served 18 mos. just for saving his own property? You know, the one Obama appointed. Like the ones that say it’s OK to gun a man down from behind? With his arms in the air? Nothing to see here folks!
    If you think were all defenders of Trump your as stupid as you sound. We don’t see anyone in government on “our” side. Bumpstocks anyone? Which is the point of the post!

    • But muddling the waters and trying to say “they are all bad, so how DARE you support that guy!” and trying to spam around moral equivalence to confuse the issues, it what leftists do. Sow FUD, take power.

      • Yes, my short answer to John should have been. Let’s hang the last batch of criminals before we start on the new ones!

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