Quote of the day—William Cairns @guppy270

What’s it like to be such a robotic, soulless gun nut freak, making up for an incredibly small part of your anatomy by brandishing a gun?

William Cairns @guppy270
Tweeted on August 23, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

And to answer his question: “You are the best person to answer that question because such people only exist in your delusions.”—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—William Cairns @guppy270

  1. “Also, judging by history, you are probably one of the reasons I own firearms in the fist place, as such bigoted dehumanization is usually just a precursor to far more problematic behaviors.”

  2. So I have a small penis, a big ego. And a whole bunch of guns to compensate?
    And that helps you and your position how?
    And you have the likes of Nancy Pelosi to bulwark your position? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ll keep my guns.

  3. “Robotic”. “Soulless”. “Nut”. “Freak”. If what the leftists (Democrats and Republicans) say about us isn’t bad enough, they have the same attitude toward the American Declaration of Independence, the constitution and the Bill of Rights. They hate the very founding principles of the nation, and by extension, the foundation of Western Civilization as a whole.

    What is Western Civilization then, that it should be so hated? I submit that it isn’t the so-called “enlightenment”, it isn’t science, it isn’t liberty per se (though they hate liberty very, very much), nor industry nor prosperity, and it isn’t the white races (that’s just a convenient distraction), but it is the Protestant Reformation. THAT has to go!

    And how many on “our side” have even so much as a cursory understanding of that which the left has made global war against for centuries; a war which has been almost thoroughly won, to the point where most “Protestants” are themselves now allied with the left?

    To wit; tell me which cultures are now infiltrating and permeating the West and its institutions? I tell you; it isn’t that they’re “brown people” or any of that race nonsense, and they aren’t Democrats or Republicans at heart, and they aren’t communists or Marxists or Fascists per se (though that would certainly be a plus), and they certainly aren’t Americans born abroad, looking to “come home”. They are however from Catholic and Muslim regions for the most part.

    So there it is. Best you look into it, lest you misinterpret what comes next. I tell you all now, not because I expect you to believe it or to take it seriously, but so that when it becomes a bit more obvious you’ll be able to recognize the Counter Reformation more easily. The political left appears secular, but isn’t, and the Catholic Church appears Christian, but isn’t, and together with the Muslims and others they’re part of a growing, global alliance which is extremely powerful. It will have its way, too.

    • I agree, but it is not simpler to just note that the left stands for nothing and nothing matters? They now worship sexual perversity and hate all things that allow them to live a luxurious life that even Kings of old could not imagine. They think that if they can imagine it and if they have consensus, it is real. They don’t care that they are living in Sodom and Gomorrah – in fact, they are proud of it and eagerly searching for even more diversity.

      And while conservatives are not innocent in the destruction of Western Civilization, they are becoming more and more disturbed by what they are seeing and hopefully more willing to call a halt to this nonsense.

    • What they hate and fear are the twin ideas that they will be held responsible, personally, for their thoughts and deeds, and they are as an individual totally unexceptional. Those two realities terrify them. That is why leftism is so appealing to the morally deficient and intellectually bog-average; it strokes their egos and gives then an excuse.

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