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The argument that  gun is useless because in a particular circumstance you might not be able to use it in time, or it might not save you, is no less nonsensical than the argument that there is no point owning or using a seat belt, since if you collide head on with a tractor trailer, it will not save you, and in some cases it might be better if you were thrown clear.

Similarly, the fact that “it might be used against you” is true of any tool, since the use of a tool depends on the purpose of the person wielding it. A recent syndicated column by Mike Royko pointed out, for example, that a number of murders in Chicago had been committed by drowning the victims in toilets. Ms. Jones could with equal force assert, “Bring a toilet into the home, and he might use it against you.”

Jeff Snyder
Nation of Cowards, Guns and Feminism page 42.
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jeff Snyder

  1. The fact that people can make these arguments without being laughed at just confirm that we are living in hostile occupied territory.

    There are many examples of how the war on guns has been won compared to fifty years ago. Then you could buy a gun if you had the cash to put on the counter regardless of your age. Then it was generally expected that a boy would get a gun as they came of age. Then it was not uncommon to see a rifle or shotgun over the back door or in a closet loaded and ready for use. Then it was not uncommon for a state to pay a bounty for varmints killed.

    Then a gun was an essential tool and it was treated as such. Then there was no stigma in having a gun – it was just the opposite.

  2. We’ll have none of that logic and reason HERE, young man! This is the INTERNET, for God’s sake!

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