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As I said this morning, the gun lobby has told us for years that guns will keep us free. That simply is not true. The reality is that gun violence confines where we go, how we worship, what we do, and how we live.

Guns do not make us free — they bring death, violence, and injustice.

Josh Horwitz
December 2, 2019
[Tell that to the people of Cambodia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hong Kong, North Korea, Poland, Venezuela, and probably dozens of other countries where tyrannical governments inflicted death, violence, and injustice upon their own citizens.

But Horwitz interest in the facts only extends to the point he can conceal and ignore them in an effort to further his agenda.—Joe]


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  1. I’m sure the citizens defending Breed’s (AKA Bunker) hill in 1775 showered the British attackers with rose petals and rainbows.

  2. As per the usual, the hoplophobes attribute to an inanimate object that which should be ascribed to human malice. Furthermore, this not-so-bright individual should be aware that the crime he fears dictates our behavior is itself confined to very specific regions of our country:


    As the titles says, over half the counties in the U.S. experience *zero* murders; why should people living there harbor any animosity towards free travel in their home range?

    But perhaps Mr. Horwitz is simply projecting again, as it seems the liberal enclaves which probably constitute the bulk of his home range are indeed where the crime and violence are concentrated. Perhaps he would be better served asking *why* his chosen stomping grounds are a cesspool of violent malcontents instead of trying to infringe on the lifestyles of people infinitely less problematic than his own neighbors.

    • Exactly him and his like never address the fact that it’s the criminal element that is the problem. Not the law abiding gun owner that has a lower likelihood of committing a crime than even US law enforcement officers, that I am sure he feels should be the only people with arms. Then again I often think that Mr Horwitz and his ilk purposely don’t address it so as to have talking point just like every other issue the SWJ’s whine about with out ever doing anything about them.

      • They can’t blame the criminal element for crime. They are the criminal element. They’d be blaming themselves. Therefore they have to blame the law-abiding.

        The principled and law-abiding are their worst enemies, after all, for no one else stands in their way.

  3. “Gun” violence really doesn’t play much of a role in my selection of where I travel, eat, recreate, etc. However, the potential for human violence is what keeps me from visiting Pioneer Square after dark, or visiting any of a number of other urban cesspools. And, the fact that I can unleash some gun violence of my own, on demand, provides a bit of comfort in my other travels.

  4. “Horwitz”.

    I’m sure he’s proud of the good Jews who disarmed themselves in Europe circa the 1930. It served them very well in building the victim narrative, because no elected governments would ever ACTUALLY kill civilians in any organized manner, right?

    Those who do not learn history…. Nah, who am I kidding. He knows. He’s just a tool of those who just want the shoe on the other foot next time….

  5. Let’s be absolutely clear; guns cannot keep anyone free. The reality is that guns are incapable of committing violence. Nor can guns confinine where we go, how we worship (OK, that’s weird), what we do, or how we live.

    Politicians, on the other hand, forever and always try to do as much of those things as they possibly can, and they pick our pockets while doing them.

    Note that he who presumes to educate us on the matter of reality has ascribed supernatural powers to inanimate objects. Is there a term for the anti worship of idols? “Idolatry” I think applies just as well here, doesn’t it?

    He ascribes sentience to guns, thus making them into idols, and then he preaches to us, enjoining us to stop worshiping those idols he made. That’s some astounding audacity.

    No, Young Grasshopper; guns cannot keep us free, they cannot perpetrate violence, dictate how we worship, nor confine us, nor do anything at all. They’re not alive, therefore they cannot possess any of those powers nor any volition whatsoever.

    Posit; if guns could keep us free, there wouldn’t be any Democratic Party, nor any Republicans or any Progressives whatsoever. Nor would the NRA exist as a lobbying organization. There would be no income tax, Woodrow Wilson would never have been elected, there’d be no Patriot Act, no Donald Trump,etc., etc., etc., et al.

    If guns can keep us free, then somehow they’ve been refusing to do the job. Maybe they’re on strike, like good little communists, holding out for more cleanings and better ammunition. Have we perhaps not sacrificed enough goats to our guns? Should we start sacrificing virgins to our guns? Have we not prayed earnestly enough to our guns, for why else do they just sit there and do nothing while our freedom is being eroded?

    Here is the state of the poor Horwitzs of the world; when reality, even truth, becomes your enemy, you can, for a time, pretend to be sane and reasonable, even intellectual, and get away with it. You can fool people. People often enjoy being fooled. Eventually though, in sustaining your war against reality, it becomes more and more obvious that you’ve painted yourself into the crazy corner.

    Continuing in your non reality becomes more and more untenable as you’re forced to double down on lie after lie, to keep the illusion going. It’s unsustainable, and yet the Democrats, the Progressives and all the other Marxists, communists, Republicans, Freemasons, occultists, Baal worshipers, spiritists, totalitarians, Jesuits, papists and common outlaws often preach to us about “sustainability”. As bad as that is, They then claim a supernatural understanding of “The Common Good” (which somehow always ignores scripture while seeking to put their alliance in absolute power over us).. Thus “The Common Good” is a bloody tyrant. A god-king, like to the murderous god-kings of old. It’s just pathetic.

    • It’s unsustainable, and yet they sustain it.

      Thus is the true nature of Orwellian double-think — believing two contradictory things at the same time.

      The Left — and some on the Right — have elevated it into an art form.

  6. What he’s described is the flawed notion that he and others like him have a right to be “free from fear” (I’ve seen these exact words from an old ‘friend’ before). Fear being a subjective thing, it cannot be codified into law cuz it’d mean absolutely everything would be illegal.

    Anyway, he probably doesn’t even really believe what he said but just wants the power. To which I say, get bent, tyrant.

    • There is such a thing in law as “A reasonable person would fear for their life”. It is used, at least in many states, as a valid criteria for using deadly force to defend yourself or other innocent life.

      • Yerhonner, the respondent would like to enter into evidence a treasure trove of examples specific to the topics at hand that demonstrate that the complainant is an unreasonable person.

        • LOL.

          Please proceed.

          I presume you plan to follow with a request for summary judgement. If not, please do so.

      • This is true, but as Tirno alluded, a person suffering from any phobia — including hoplophobia, an irrational fear of weapons — is suffering from a mental disorder, and therefore is, by definition, NOT a reasonable person.

  7. Guns do not make us free — they bring death, violence, and injustice.

    Assuming all his dreams come to fruition and the government controls all the guns, he’s absolutely correct. A government “monopoly of force” brings death, violence, and injustice. Every time, repeated throughout history.

    Cast in this light, he’s arguing that LEOs, FLEAs, and other armed government agents should be disarmed for everyone else’s safety and “freedom from fear”.

    Given how many “accidents” and “guns going off” and “lost weapons” happen with firearms in the hands of inept and incompetent officers and officials, I have to agree: My guns are much safer with me than with anyone else.

  8. We have several hundred MILLION firearms that are lawfully owned by good citizens. If we were a problem, we could produce “….death, violence, and injustice” on a grand scale that would stun him and fellow hoplophobes.

    Instead, he goes about his life, not inconvenienced in the slightest bit, so he is a liar!

    He lies! He knows his argument is what comes out of the hind end of an overfed cow.

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