One thought on “A reminder

  1. Clearly it’s a lie then. The right is being infringed every day. So now what?

    For people who believe in the principle of the second amendment, the only logical response, it seems to me, is criminal prosecution of the offenders. Without that, there’s no reason for them to stop. It’s like any other law that’s never enforced; the law breakers will eventually move in and take over the city.

    Since there is not one second amendment “advocacy” or gun “rights” group that’s interested in prosecution, one can only conclude that they’re not at all serious.

    Thus I imagine them having “bitter arguments” with politicians in Washington, and afterwards going out with them for cocktails and having a grand old time, both “sides” fully understanding that they’re pulling one over on us, milking us for a living. So long as we remain in a compromised state they have a niche, but if ever the law (the Bill of rights and its underlying principles) were fully implemented and enforced they would lose their positions and livelihoods. It would ruin the whole gig.

    Some of them of course would even hang, and THOSE are the people we’re “lobbying”! We’re lobbying the bloody criminals, thus demonstrating, to them, that they have the “authority” and that the law therefore doesn’t. In such a case, how much respect are they going to have for us, or for the law?

    It’s ridiculous. It begs the question; could we get any more lame? I guess we’ll see.

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