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While you guys are off stroking your shafts dreaming of some armed rebellion in the downfall of society and you get to be Rambo, the rest of us are moving on with civilization.

DintMentalFloss @DintMentalFloss
Tweeted on July 29, 2019
[I give this an “honorable mention” for an another Markley’s Law Monday because they didn’t mention penis size.

In addition to resorting to childish insults they overlook the fact that The Gun Is Civilization.—Joe].


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—DintMentalFloss @DintMentalFloss

  1. Which “rest of us” is he referring to? There’s a large element of highly vocal liberals who are stridently screaming away about tearing down the current form of capitalism and replacing it with a nationalized, socialized society. (Which is odd, because National Socialists sounds a lot like Nazis – yet they claim we’re the Nazis). Doesn’t sound like “moving on with civilization” to me at all.

  2. It’s funny that they think *they’re* the ones building civilization. With all the homeless, drug problems, gang activities, businesses leaving, and general degradation that leftist cities have, it’s really the opposite.

    But hey, CA has good weather!

  3. The gun is civilization. Mr. Kloos spells out both the problem and the fix in a quick read. Perfect. Thanks Joe.
    Why is the answer never “shoot back”!

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