Quote of the day—Jim Poland @JimPolandcom

Swat’em! They’re dead. Now come and arrest me. My defense? I was protecting my children and 500 innocent children & their families. Threaten my kids?! There will be YUGE consequences for open carry. We will ensure it!

Jim Poland @JimPolandcom
Tweeted on August 8, 2019
[This can and should be used at his trial.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jim Poland @JimPolandcom

  1. Off topic. This defiant attitude seems to becoming rampant. From the the Washington Examiner: “Being a Trump supporter is no longer allowed, it seems”

    “Lee’s essay, posted on Twitter Friday morning, began “You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again because we are going to pay you back so f—ing hard for all of this shit.”

    So peaceful transfer of power in 2020 – forget it.

  2. Another friggin’ PISSANT.

    There is rather clearly no rational conversation with these type of people.

    They’re falsely reporting a crime hoping to provoke a confrontation with a gun owner and police. We know his intent for the gun owner is malicious. Has he even thought about the police that he’s sending into a situation that could escalate due to falsely made claims and reports?

    No, he doesn’t really care about them either. And, you’ll notice that he’s nowhere in the sequence of actions beyond his false report.

  3. HAHAHAHA. Where do these people come from? Its absolutely amazing. Not a second thought for unintended consequences? Were going to be saving children!
    Jim must not realize when the commies take over he’s first up against the wall.
    In communist America there won’t be any “safe spaces” or “Gun free zones”. Nor will mass killings stop. It’s just won’t be front page news.

    • I would submit those consequences are entirely INTENDED. This certainly rises to the level of malice in my book.

  4. I remember years back folks at a certain Delaware Liberal website told me if they ever saw me open carrying out and about in DE they’d call the cops and hope that I end up getting shot. And yes, they were well aware that open carry is not at all illegal in Delaware.

  5. Had one retard try to SWAT me here in Cheyenne. The police here talked to me, then arrested and prosecuted the SWATter. He got 5 years.

  6. In a just world, if they ever acted on that threat to swat people, this tweet would be introduced by the state, for murder 1, premeditated murder, or attempted murder 1. He knowingly with for thought creates an incident that will likely lead to the death of another person.

    • Yes, that is the correct charge. Unfortunately, all too many politicians and their ilk dismiss these crimes as “pranks”.

  7. I’m for going old testament. False Witness gets “YOU” double the penalty if proven.

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