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Overarching, and across the world, is the fight over globalism. I’ve said in the end globalism will win, because it’s being driven by technological change at its root. The struggle isn’t whether we have transnational systems where the nation state plays a less important role: that will happen. The struggle is whether globalism will be a democratic movement that is controlled by the people for the people’s benefit, or whether it will be a aristocratic movement that benefits the transnational aristocrats. It’s been set up as the latter, and the people are, across the globe, calling foul.

The struggle over the RKBA is downstream of that fight, but what we’re seeing I think fits in the overall struggle. It’s a theme repeated throughout history that aristocrats do not like their subjects being armed. So it was practically inevitable that when the people started asserting themselves against this cultivated global order, the counter-reaction was the aristocracy returning to their traditional fears and anxieties about armed peasants. That anxiety is acting itself out among the pool of Democratic candidates.

July 31, 2019
What Money Can Buy
[He has a valid point.

The counter point is that 100 million people with 300+ million guns and billions of rounds of ammo can make themselves heard and respected…if they have the will to do so.—Joe]


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  1. China is about to demonstrate that only a few thousands, maybe tens of thousands, need be killed to quell a revolution involving several millions in Hong Kong. At least, they’re about to do so to unarmed people. And with facial recognition and social media and a really determined Party security apparatus unlimited by any sort of laws, they might well be able to identify and quietly remove enough of the leadership of the opposition so as to avoid yet another massacre.

    Coming soon to a theater near you!

    • That’s what started the protests in the first place. Chicoms were deporting people they didn’t like to china for trial. (My bad, I meant conviction, or execution if you will).

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