Quote of the day—Greg Coppola

I look at search. And I look at Google News. And I look at what it’s doing. And I see Google executives go to congress and say that, “It’s not manipulated. It’s not political.” And I’m just so sure that’s not true.

Greg Coppola
Senior Software Engineer, Google Assistant
July 2019
[Also, a follow up from Coppola. He announces has been suspended from his job at Google. Then he goes on explore the hypothesis that Google News has a political bias using data science, with only publicly available information and tools.

Via email from Chet.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Greg Coppola

  1. You would think he would be protected under whistleblower statutes.

    Then again, job or no, after this life at the company would probably be untenable for him.

    The film “the circle” seems more prophetic every day.

  2. I don’t think anyone is truly surprised by these revelations. The more pressing matter is how to deal with them.

    • Exactly. And so far our solutions are largely ineffective. Perhaps DOJ will help.

    • Exactly. I thought we were far past the question of whether they’ve been cheating for political gain. The safe assumption is that it’s been one their main purposes from the beginning, so let’s roll with that.

      But we just can’t stop asking, can we? Somehow we feel we need to have it proven in a court of law, nice and cleanly, with an honest prosecutor and honest defense, an honest judge and honest jurors, and dealt with, and fixed, complete with reparations and time served plus community service, and all new management, and anything short of that will leave us forever in a state of wonder.

      This is getting to be like the classic case of the abused wife; she never gets past the question of whether she’s being abused. And maybe it’s her fault, even; “You know I love you, Baby. It’s just that sometimes you make me crazy, you know? And the only reason I get crazy like that is because I love you so much…”

      It’s like, by the time you start asking yourself whether you’re an alcoholic, you’ve been one for like 20 years already. Those close to you have known it all along, tried to tell you, and all you did was lash out against them.

      It’s like how we keep voting for Republicans, and in spite of mountains of proofs we never stop wondering if they’re really on our side.

      Welcome to the Counter-Reformation, in which the primary job of the enemy is psy-ops; denying what they’re doing right in front of us in the light of day. Often denying that it’s happening at all, while at the same time blaming us for its occurrence!

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