A rare occurrence

Last Friday Barb and I flew into Victoria B.C. to attend daughter Jaime’s wedding. While waiting in baggage claim a guy walked up to us and ask, “Are you Joe Huffman?”

“Uh…. yes”, I replied.

I was a bit concerned. I was already uncomfortable that I had to leave my gun, knives, and even pepper spray behind. And now some strange guy has approaching me, correctly identified me, and is verifying my identity. It took a couple seconds to think it through and realize that he just got off the same plane I did and almost for certain doesn’t have any weapons either. Together, Barb and I should be able to handle the situation should it go sour.

It turns out, as you might have already guessed, he reads my blog and just wanted to say hi. He lives in Texas and had traveled to Victoria to be with his daughter while she attended a ballet class for a month.

We had a nice chat before going through customs.

In the over 15 years of this blog there has only been one other time a strange person came up to me in an public place (Cabela’s) to say they recognized me and to say hi.


3 thoughts on “A rare occurrence

  1. And I tried so very hard to be nonthreatening…

    (But yeah, I get it. Strange dude in an airport and all…)

    It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for taking the time to chat, and congratulations to your daughter.

  2. It’s not to receive positive recognition. But the ugly reality in this day and age is that it could just as easily have been someone wishing you harm. The left has zero qualms about using violence to silence anyone they disagree with. ANYONE with a public persona must plan and live according to that reality.

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