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  1. The answer is; free men living happy, peaceful, productive lives. That’d be the worst of the worst of all scenarios for the left. It’s always been the target for destruction. The primary target. The one and only “problem” ever needing “solved”.

    The left would rather die collectively than see free men live happily and without molestation. Oh and; they will.

    Now some discussion of “hell” is in order. Remember that the “wages of sin is death”. Since the Fall in Eden then, there has been no such thing as an “immortal soul”. We’re all condemned men.

    Satan it was who lied; “You shall not surely die.” Any and all models of eternal life without repentance and acceptance of the atoning sacrifice of Christ then, and all doctrine of eternal suffering, or Purgatory et al, or of ghosts, or souls that roam around after death, et al, come from the specific and direct doctrine of Satan, making God into a liar and a tyrant. Nowhere do they exist in the Bible, but you’ll find these doctrines in all of the Pagan and heathen religions (which we’re supposed to find charming, quaintly ethnic, or even sophisticated and “enlightened”). They’re preached in most of the supposedly “Christian” churches, but as we’ve all known all along, infiltration and progressive corruption are among the primary tools of the left.

    “Hell” as translated into the Bible simply means “the grave” or “death”. You die and that’s the end of you, so “eternal hell”, etc., means, literally “permanent death”, meaning you don’t ever come back once the final judgement has been executed. Plus, as stated earlier; the left doesn’t want to live in a universe wherein free men may live happily and unmolested, so their total and permanent obliteration will have been a mutual decision between The Judge (Christ) and the judged.

  2. The typical ‘gun grabber’ is essentially a communist…..someone who hates personal freedom and seeks complete power for the state. To a typical commie
    gun grabber hell would be ANY situation or place where THEY AREN’T IN TOTAL CONTROL.

  3. Actually, it’s the same hell. What we see as commies today are just Stalin’s “useful idiots”. Once communism comes to full power, and THEY see it’s true face. As many of them would be in the ditch right next to us. Stalin or Mao would not put up with Antifa for more than 5 min. passed what they actually needed them for.
    Hunger and poverty is the only thing communism can create. And if your not in the upper party, your in the bread line. Once they no longer need you as a soldier, your put to chopping cane. Don’t want to work, don’t like the work, or can’t meet the quota. You’ll get dropped in the same trench as the bourgeoisie. with a bullet in the back of your head. It’s the only “equality” communism has to offer.
    No, I think hell is the same for all. It’s just some of us know what it is, and don’t want to go there.

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