Quote of the day—Matthew Larosiere

You might notice that something seems off about a Democratic state senator sponsoring a bill loosening firearm restrictions, that law speeding through a Democrat-controlled legislature, and then a feverishly anti-gun governor stamping it with approval. The city knew a change in state law to preempt the city gun law, something the anti-gun crowd has consistently fought against, was the only way to strengthen the city’s mootness argument. This is merely a case of the city and state colluding to keep the Court from settling the matter once and for all.

Matthew Larosiere
July 11, 2019
New York City’s Dishonest Attempt to Squelch a Gun-Rights Lawsuit
[Of course they are being dishonest! It’s an essential part of the anti-gun culture.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Matthew Larosiere

  1. What’s the phrase the courts use when they want to decide a case that has become moot for the named Plaintiff?
    “Capable of repetition but evading review.”
    The day after the court rules the case is moot, a bill repealing this express bill will similarly zoom through the state legislature returning everything to Status Quo Ante. The New York Court of Appeals is not (I hope) as stupid and short-sighted as the Leftists think they are.

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