Attempting to pluck another low hanging fruit

I like this:

Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) announced the filing of an important amicus brief in the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the criminal appeal of U.S.A. v. Raphael Hunt-Irving, which challenges the federal lifetime ban on firearm possession by even non-violent felons. The brief was authored by FPC attorney and Legal Fellow Joseph Greenlee, a Second Amendment expert and historian. A copy of the court filing can be accessed at

This isn’t a really big deal like challenging the laws on suppressors or bans on modern sporting rifles but it is a low hanging fruit that, potentially, can be used to get more precedent established in our favor. After winning a bunch of these battles winning on the big issues will be more likely.

My employer (by matching dollar for dollar my donations) and I are giving FPF money each month.


3 thoughts on “Attempting to pluck another low hanging fruit

  1. Kind of tough for the left to RATIONALLY oppose restoring gun rights to felons when they are pushing mightily to restore voting rights. But then again NOBODY on the left is a noted paragon of reason, logic or rationality.

    • Felons aren’t citizens, by definition. By the plain meaning of the law only citizens can have rights even in theory. Felons don’t have ANY rights, only privileges that can be withdrawn at any time by any officer of the law for whatever reason seems sufficient at the time.

      Rights are the obligations of the state to the citizen under the social contract. Felons are criminals whose crimes are so heinous as to amount to waging war on society, an implicit renunciation of citizenship. This is an ancient concept and is part of our Norse cultural heritage. See also: outlaw, Nīþ, nithing, utlagr.

      I have no problem with Mr. Hunt-Irving never being allowed to touch a weapon again. He made his choice. Now he gets to serve as an example to others. That is the way this is supposed to work.

  2. Also need to be working on reducing the number of things that are “felonies” in the first place.

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