Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

Today, we are standing up to our leaders to let them know that it is time to drain the swamp. It is time to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

Josh Horwitz
Executive Director of Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
May 17, 2019
Email with the subject “The NRA has got to go”.
[I find it very telling that Horwitz is eager to destroy the nations oldest civil rights organization.

It tells people everything they need to know about him and his organization. He is opposed to civil rights and should he succeed in this endeavor it will make it that much easier to attack and destroy other civil rights organizations and the rights they are attempting to protect.

It is his organization that “has got to go”. They are in violation of 18 USC 241 and should be prosecuted. I look forward to his trial and hope Horwitz enjoys his trial as much as I will.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

  1. The NRA is just another power structure that’s been corrupted. Just like everything man touches. what it needs is a leadership change. just like our government.
    What needs to be gotten rid of is “the coalition to stop gun violence”. because what they propose has nothing to do with stopping violence.
    Side note. Josh, try going to “parasites anonymous”. its for your own good son.

  2. Horwitz wants to dissolve the NRA because it has not yet been completely coopted by the left like so many other organizations, and the astroturf competition American Hunting Society or whatever it was called was recognized for the fraud it was and failed.

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