Quote of the day—Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence

…hopes that Glocester will oppose this measure if it comes up again in June. Although the resolution is symbolic, it is undoubtedly harmful because it advances the false narrative that the very rights and livelihoods of Second Amendment supporters are at risk. Law-abiding gun owners though should have no reason to feel threatened by the gun safety measures that community organizers advocate for, and in fact, all regulations–from banning guns in schools to banning military style assault weapons are constitutional.

Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence
May 18, 2019
Political Divide Splitting Communities Across RI — Is It a Trump Factor?
[You should not feel threatened because “all regulations … are constitutional.”

Wow! That’s so reassuring.

They must be attempting to exercise the The Big Lie propaganda technique. What will they tell us next, “work sets you free”?

I hope they enjoy their trial.—Joe]


17 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence

  1. “Arbeit Macht Frei” too funny Joe. or how ’bout, “they won’t kill us. we’re their workforce!”
    How about the death penalty for violation of the public trust? No honest politician would have anything to fear. Right?

  2. They’re not bigots, lying weasels or power grabbing schemers at all. They just want good Social Hygiene. Who in his right mind could be opposed to good hygiene?

    Your coming out against a cleaner, safer, and more unified society is troubling. As Obama put it (and as every Progressive Marxist, both Republican and Democrat, believes) you’re only “gumming up the works”, and should be swept out of the way to make room for a Better World.

    The coming New World will require some “hard choices”, some “bravery”; The Audacity of Hope for the Fundamental Transformation to a Brave New World.

    Yep, we’ve heard it all before, over and over and over and over again. All they can do is recycle the old lies, only slightly reiterating them here and there. The simplicity and predictability of the Romish forces however does not mean they won’t succeed.

  3. “…all regulations–from banning guns in schools to banning military style assault weapons are constitutional.”

    I would *love* to hear the convoluted train of thought behind this statement…

      • The incredible, expandable ever malleable Commerce Clause.
        And if it can’t be stretched to authorize some statist anti-liberty law, then there’s the “Dormant Commerce Clause”, whatever that means.
        The President from CPUSA gave us “Positive Rights” to go with the ordinary, common, limited “Negative Rights” from the Founding Fathers, who thought that compelling people to stand and deliver to an armed and aggressive state was evil and contrary to natural law.

      • Fail. The Second Amendment modifies and supercedes the Commerce Clause.

        • I’m not agreeing with the idea that using the Commerce Clause to justify any and all infringements on our liberties is a legally sound argument. I’m simply pointing out that the Commerce Clause has repeatedly been twisted in exactly such a manner.

          • Commerce Clause is the mechanism used to enforce the whole gun scheme we work under now. that and taxes. one only has to have an FFL license if your “engaged in the business” of guns.
            Thus also the reason you can build an 80% firearm. you just can’t sell it. the whole 4473 scheme, (them being kept at the FFL dealer), is because they can’t force you to give them that information directly. They could only force the manufacturers to tell them to where they shipped the guns.
            To me it really doesn’t matter. if not the commerce clause, then so other bullshit excuse would be used.
            “In every generation there are men that intend to rule well. But first and foremost they intent to rule.” forgot where I heard that. but it is the essence of human nature. which is always the root of the problem.

  4. Apparently they oppose a diversity on options WRT carrying guns. They are anti-multiculturalists.

  5. Welcome to our new brave world. Logic does not apply. It’s not fully here yet but it is only a matter of time.

    In this new brave world, if you’re silent, you are bad. If you’re outspoken, you are bad. If you support free speech, the second amendment, or the constitution you are bad. You can only be ‘good’ if you are lucky enough to choose the ‘correct’ speech and behavior for the context. There are no rules except for the above rules.

    And if you are bad then you become an untouchable without access to jobs, services, and products.

    See Tim Pool https://www.timcast.com/

    • A common joke in the USSR in the 30’s and 40’s was that they had freedom of speech the same as in America, only in America they had freedom AFTER speech.
      That’s beginning to be questionable now, and I haven’t heard anyone say, “It’s a Free Country” for about 45 years. Of course, I live closer to Babs, Di, Nan and Kamal, than anyone should have to.

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