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Unconstitutional to require training and tests for a right > Oregon v Mitchell
Unconstitutional to license a right > Murdock v Pennsylvania
Unconstitutional to ban #guns > DC v Heller
#gunsense is stupidity
#guncontrol is statist trash
#2a trumps your feelz

Dstroyr (@Dstroyr_U2b)
Tweeted on May 11, 2019
[Just because something is illegal or even unconstitutional doesn’t mean the politicians won’t do it anyway. Remember what Henry Kissinger said:

The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a bit longer.

This is why we have the 2nd Amendment. It is to slow them down, stop them, and reverse directions when they will not abide by the restrictions placed upon them.—Joe]


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  1. The attitude reflected in the quote from Kissinger goes back at least to Andrew Jackson. When the Supreme Court declared the Indian Removal act unconstitutional, he reportedly said words to the effect that “then let them enforce their decision”. He then proceeded to order the army to enforce the unconstitutional Indian Removal act.

  2. Again; if two parties in a disagreement operate under and uphold the same principles, it is the more rational one who prevails. If they have completely different principles, it is the one who can execute the most effective intimidation or violence who prevails.

    For the righteous then, it is paramount to keep the principles at the heart of the discussion. For the criminal mind, it is paramount to keep principles out of the conversation entirely, or, failing in that, to misrepresent them.

    So it is that we hear from Barak Obama and others of like mind that the constitution is a “charter of negative rights”, or that “constitutionalists” are insipient “terrorists” and so on. Of course; the criminal mind sees the good as repressive, as unjust, and will rebel against it. The righteous mind sees the good law as the only protection of liberty.

    The trick for the dark side is to flip all of that upside down, so good appears evil and evil appears good.

    The problem for this country is that it’s always been of two minds. Its very founding was of two minds. Now we’re all trained to view compromise as the virtue, whereas steadfastness in liberty, grounded in the bedrock principles, is to be seen as vice. That makes us our own worst enemy.

    Anyway, laws are only for criminals. The righteous man is the one who has the law written in his heart, and at that point he needs no reminding, nor can he be confused by such silly talk of “negative rights”.

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