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While some try to hide their intentions by saying that they are just wanting “common sense” gun regulation, the reality is that ALL gun laws are gun bans. ALL gun laws are threats of deadly violence against peaceful people. Inherently, men, women, and children will be executed for gun ownership as has been demonstrated time again throughout history, including instances within the U.S. like with the ATF and Ruby Ridge. If you support gun control by the state, you’re for gun violence; you’re for gun violence so long as the people perpetrating that violence wear fancy costumes and a badge. Stop the mass violence. Stop the violence of the state.

The Pholosopher
Posted December 2018
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Pholosopher

  1. It’s almost ironic that the people who openly call for gun confiscation and the wholesale extermination of conservative and gun owners at the hands of the government even to the point where they view the United States government killing 100 to 150 million United States citizen on United States soil even if they have to deploy nuclear weapons talk about how loving and tolerant they are while everyone else is in intolerant hateful racist bigot. And at the same time call us paranoid and crazy that we take what they say seriously about killing us. And then say that the government should disarm us and kill us if we oppose all in the same sentence.

    • I thought that was the lesson of the Twentieth Century;
      When someone writes a book about what he wants to do with subhuman people, you take him at his word and do what you can to ensure his goals do not occur.

  2. Only fools, willing dupes or closet dictators profess fail to understanding or disagree that EVERY law only has power because the state can and does hold and is willing use the ultimate power to execute any of its citizens deemed to be in violation of the law. That is what Waco and Ruby Ridge should have taught everyone who is honest and drawing breath.

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