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I had an opportunity to fire a fully automatic M16 assault rifle today under professional instruction. This is the same weapon US Armed Forces use. The experience made me feel even more strongly there is no reason for a civilian to have access to this weapon, or one like it.

For starters, growing up in the South, I took an NRA safety class as a teenager. I spent many an afternoon as a kid in target practice. But this assault rifle is a different beast. It would take A MINIMUM of 30-40 hours of professional instruction to learn to operate safely.

It shoots a 5.56 mm bullet. You can feel the wind of it firing three feet behind the shooter. The gun is very difficult to control. I’ve seen these fired thousands of times in games and movies. In real life you understand the devastation even being grazed would cause.

Brianna @BriannaWu
Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8 for 2020.

Brianna Wu

Tweeted (and here and here) on February 26, 2019
[She feels strongly. Apparently she is also an extremely slow learner because the first set of Boomershoot 101 students did just fine with only a few hours of instruction and practice.

There are no strong feelings or imaginary excess wind exceptions to the 2nd Amendment. http://bit.ly/EnjoyYourTrial1.—Joe]


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  1. — A MINIMUM of 30-40 hours of professional instruction to learn to operate safely.—

    I was Air Force in the 90’s; In a Combat Communications unit. My professional training to handle the m-16 was 1 day in basic training. then 1 day every year thereafter. I seem to recall the Basic being a full 8 hour day. Half classroom, half on the range.

    The yearly trainings were about 4 hours. (Which included cleaning the weapon).

    • I’ve been thinking about this.

      Firearm training in basic training is intended to start with 18-year-olds who have never handled a weapon before in their lives, and scored 31 on the ASVAB.

      It is intended to finish with someone who will occasionally be required to bear a loaded (if not chambered) M-16, and be able to hit a man sized target with it when ordered, control the weapon in select or automatic fire, then clean the weapon and do basic immediate action to clear malfunctions. There are additional requirements met during this training for the purposes of military discipline, such as memorizing component names.

      Stripped down to the basics, a person of IQ 85 or above could be adequately trained to handle, load, unload, fire and hit a target, clean and store a fully automatic weapon in under an hour, having never handled a firearm before.

      You’d have to be an idiot, or willfully and impenetrably resistant to training to take longer.

    • You know “she” was/is a dude right? Not sure if the twig and berries have been pruned or not. Insanely radical leftist.

  2. OK, Brianna Wu, let’s consider that the basic training period required for those with irreversible brain damage.

    The neurotypical can get adequate training in approximately the amount of time it takes for the salesclerk to run the customer through a familiarization of the product..

  3. 30 to 40 hours of professional instruction to “safely operate” an M-16? Apparently she is incapable of learning a skill that the average 18 yr old with no prior experience with firearms is taught (and usually masters) in one day in basic training. Yet I doubt she spent a week learning how to “safely operate” the M-16 she used without managing to kill anyone.

  4. It should take a minimum of 30-40 hours of professional instruction in Constitutional law before one petitions to run for public office.

    As a kid, I ran for school office a couple of times, but those positions were nothing compared to the assault politicians that now control our government. You can feel them breaking wind from Washington, D.C. to Washington State.

    • You would think so from the hyperbole/lying. But it’s hard to say. It could just be they are both reading the same script.

  5. She’s had a NRA safety course (probably the 4 hour Home Safety Course) when she was an adolescent and a few minutes experience with an M-16 and now considers herself a fully qualified Subject Matter Expert who has the competence to determine exactly what the people of the U.S. should and should not have.

    I can guarantee that she has the same outlook on every other subject she has had any minimal contact with.

    She’s just another version of AOC and other witless millennials with over inflated egos and visions of the utopia that could ensue if only the benighted older generations would just step aside and let them get on with it.

    They haven’t the mental capacity to not just consider the costs and sheer logistic impossibility of their fantasies, but also that there are many people who oppose their grandiose plans; not just because they’re unworkable but that they’re inimical to the freedoms and liberties that Americans have spilled blood to secure and maintain.

    This is the crap-for-brains that the SJWs and socialists in our schools have indoctrinated our children with for the past 20-30 years.

    These people in adult bodies but with the stunted intellectual capacity of children are dangerous because they’re not “virtue signalling” like your normal hypocrite politicians who care for only what will get them elected and re-elected, but actually believe the propaganda they’ve been immersed in.

    As these inexperienced and over-confident imbeciles begin to take more positions of power in our society and in politics, the next 10 years are going to be even more interesting than the last 10.

    • That’s a reasonable hypothesis. But because of the “You can feel the wind of it firing three feet behind the shooter” thing I think she has to be deliberately lying. That makes her evil rather than just naïve, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, and entitled.

      • I agree that she could be lying her ass off but I’d bet she actually got some LEO with one to let her rip off a burst or two.
        Either way, deceitful hyperbolic rhetoric is where’s it’s at with them.
        Look at AOC’s: “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right,”
        That’s part of the ‘charm’ of their SJW indoctrination. Any and all mendacity is justified in their piddly minds because their cause is just to them.

        And I’d replace ‘rather than just’ with ‘as well as’.

      • Or she was standing behind and to the side of someone shooting a rifle with a muzzle brake. Even on .223/5.56, they can be annoying. But, if she’s referring to feeling her own wind (so to speak) … then, yes, makes no sense, even if we grant she’s trying to describe something in “shoulder thing that goes up”-ese.

  6. Probably the gun she shot , “if” she really shot one. had a muzzle break. Not that she could tell the difference. And, I’ve had people shoot very well at our machine gun shoot with 30-40 seconds of training!

  7. As I replied on Twitter: we used to have “pointy-headed intellectuals”

    This is a “pointy-headed ignoramus”

  8. This crazy is better known as John Walker Flynt, a transgender activist and central figure/instigator of GamerGate.

    The crazy is strong with this one.

  9. This person is an idiot. A small statured 13 year old kid can fire full auto with supervision. The proof is the shit up targets from Battlefield Vegas I have.
    Anothet fake appeal to authority. Fake.

  10. “In real life you understand the devastation even being grazed would cause.”

    She’s upgraded the 5.56 round to the status of a .45 ACP shot from a 1911…….. Next she’ll make the claim that it will steal your soul. Just sayin.

  11. That’s a man. Or what’s left of one. Rule number 1: The mentally ill do not get to dictate policy. Ever.

    • I’m not sure if “target” is the right word, but a central and divisive figure who appears to have lied on many occasions, traded “favors” for reviews, and has the reverse-Midas touch. A lot of hard left activist history with that one. Born as “John Walker Flint.”

    • To put it another way: she was one of the people who got assmad when the Internet returned serve on the shit she flung at gamers.

  12. They have to say dumb shit. For one thing, they have to get us to react, so there can be a counter-reaction. It’s the dialectic method. It’s the only way to “progressively’ herd society into eventual disarmament, and the intended total control which disarmament allows (nay, encourages; nay, guarantees).

    This doesn’t mean they’re stupid people. Quite the opposite; they’re very good at what they do. Rather, it means they’re evil. They’re criminal too of course, being that their intent is to chill and eventually eliminate the exercise of constitutionally enumerated rights.

    When we mention the constitution, they put us into the category of insipient “terrorists” and the like. They mean business, and this is exactly the sort of thing perpetrated blatantly by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages (the Dark Ages). I see this modern version of persecution, which is in fact more clever and surreptitious, as a continuance of the former.

    Don’t make the fatal mistake of believing that they’re stupid. They know exactly what they’re doing. Saying stupid things, even outrageously stupid and provably wrong things, is part of the game. Some are better at it than others, of course, but lying and saying stupid things is their business, their stock and trade, and intimidation their currency.

    To do wrong they must speak wrong, and when they lie they speak their native tongue. They are intelligent for the most part, some very much so, and they are learned in that native tongue.

    Knowing all of that, and fully digesting and incorporating it, the conversation then changes complewtely and altogether, doesn’t it?

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