Quote of the day—Ozzie Knezovich

This is an individual who wants to ban guns — except he wants to kill people.

Ozzie Knezovich
Spokane Sheriff
February 21, 2019
Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Vowing Sheriffs Who Oppose Gun Control Law ‘Will Be Shot. By Me.’
[Well, of course. As Lyle pointed out a few days ago when the question “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?” came up again:

When you turn that question around and ask it the other way (Why are the violent so opposed to honest people being armed?) then it pretty well answers itself.

That an obviously violent person thinks it is so vitally important that the guns of common people must have their guns taken away is one of the best reasons possible to hold on to your guns and prepare to use them.

Here is a picture of the thug:


Be on your guard. He may not remain in jail long enough to cure him of his violent and Marxist ways.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ozzie Knezovich

  1. The picture was what I expected from a keyboard commando.
    Don’t drop the soap chucklehead.

  2. Looks like fresh meat to me.
    This is how it works. A judge could, key word, could, place the little neo-bolshevik in protective custody while he is being held in county lock up.
    County lock ups are temporary prison while your waiting for court, as far as prisons go, nothing comes close to the level of crazy goes on in that limbo.
    Then there is regular prison. This commie puke dont look like a hardened time server.
    Either way the little dirty stinking commie has a really steep learning curve, and with his fresh sweet little butt cheeks he is a USDA prime piece of white, aids and HepC free sweet meat.

  3. If he goes to say Walla Walla, I expect he’ll last less than a week before the marxist punk discovers he’s not the tough socialist revolutionary he thinks he is, and ends up as someones b**ch.

  4. One thing that really points out the newspeak of the left in this case is clearly seen in the Newsweek explanation of how Prop 1639 applied more “protections” to gun ownership. Protections for who from whom? The public school propaganda factories has been successful.

  5. Any guesses about what sort of meds he’s on? Pretty much 100% of of mass shooters have been on antidepressants or other mood altering drugs (Zoloft, Aderal, etc). Increasingly I’m thinking some, maybe most of them, are DeepState wind-up toys for the purpose of creating a body-count to launch legislative proposals to restrict freedoms from or distract the news cycle.
    (Three years ago I’d have thought that statement was crazy, too. But now….)

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  7. How long would he have to stay in jail to cure him of his violent and Marxist ways?
    Certainly the propensity for violence seems to be cured only by age, and if Red Bernie Sanders is any indication, the propensity for violence by proxy survives even the fading of the propensity for violence personally administered.

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