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All gun owners are criminals. Only then will we be free.

Superkick Paulty @paulbensonsucks
Tweeted on January 31, 2019
[I know. I doesn’t quite make sense. But almost none of the rants from anti-gun people make sense anyway.

But if you put just a little bit of a twist on it then it makes sense in a different way. What if you were to interpret it as once gun owners are considered criminals they will be free to do what they want with us and the rest of the country? —Joe]


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  1. I think he really means to say ‘after all gun owners are imprisonioned or are (preferably) killed by the government‘.

    Some of them honestly think they will be on top when the government decides to start killing gun owners by the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. When their snuff fantasy goes pear-shaped and The government uses its full military might including nuclear weapons to quell the uprising they themselves created will be viewed as an acceptable and just action. Because they’re insane.

    I know it’s mental illness and I also think it’s not actually possible for us to think like them. Or to even understand the differences in thought process. What kind of mind thinks themselves are so loving and tolerant and just while at the same time openly calling for the extermination of everyone not like them? They hate us and want us dead. That’s already well known. My question is to what extent would they go once they were in power to actually kill us all. My personal opinion is nuclear holocaust; killing over 100 million if not literally half the entire population of the United States by turning the nuclear arsenal on us. Then the systematic extermination of all survivors that are white. Especially if they’re Jewish.

    • “What kind of mind thinks themselves are so loving and tolerant and just while at the same time openly calling for the extermination of everyone not like them?”

      The difference is that they want someone else to do it, i.e. the government (cops, feds, etc). That way they can remain ‘peaceful’ and still get their imagined utopia… under a police state that just violently murdered/imprisoned half the population. Their mental gymnastics are Olympic tier.

      But really, that bizarre twist in thinking is kinda universal, I think people on our side understand consequences better. I mean, if you dragged out 100 very select high profile people into the street and swung ’em from the nearest lamppost, would that not solve so many problems we suffer? It would, but then the cause would have no legitimacy bc it’s proven that anyone dissenting would be lynched, and you cannot stabilize a society with fear. So it can’t be done, not like that. Checks n balances and whatnot.

      tl;dr- they want their cake and to have it, too.

  2. That’s ok because all gun controllers are closet mass murderers. I like to ask how many million people are they willing to murder to eliminate gun violence.

  3. For over 60 years, I’ve done my best to be law-abiding in every way; paid taxes, drove below the speed limit, don’t use illegal substances, and stayed within the relatively benign gun laws of the State of Washington. That means I couldn’t just go out in my shop and build a suppressor or a DIAS, chop off the barrel of an AR15 to make an illegal SBR, or perform other Malum Prohibitum acts. I did the Insta Check thing when I bought guns, voluntarily checked to see if private buyers had a CPL and were a state resident before I sold a gun, and even went through that embarrassing time when you had to file out a form to buy .22LR ammo. I even applied for my CPL and received it before carrying concealed, back in 1979 or so. I’ve been almost sickeningly legal in all aspects of my life.

    Now my home state – and this retard and many like him – want to make all the guns I’ve accumulated over the years illegal. Thousand upon thousands of dollars worth of them. Not to mention the usefulness of the sizable investment I have in machine tools – yeah, after all my guns get lost in that boating accident, I guess I’ll just use the mill to make bicycle parts. They want to make me helpless against aggressors as I get even older, and gut the value of the collection that I hoped to sell some time to bolster my retirement. They want to take away any protection I might have if the City of Seattle ever collapses and hordes of hungry, entitled liberals head out my way to scavenge the farms and fields of me and my neighbors.

    So – you know what Superkick? Making me a criminal WILL make me free. If i can get busted on a felony for owning a couple of 11 round magazines for an antique Luger, or exceed the round count for a 10-22, why in Hell should I worry about the rest of these stupid laws? Do you honestly think I’m going to buy some aborted looking fin-shaped piece of crap replacement hand grip to comply with your “no grips protruding law”? Do you think that the vast majority of AR15 owners are going to bend over and install “bullet buttons?” Because it makes you feelz safer? Hell no.

    And, as Henry Bowman once put it, “After the first one, the rest are free” – if you’re going to convict me of a felony for having a bayonet lug on my rifle, then why in the heck should I comply with the rest of these idiotic laws, which, until now I grumbled about but obeyed. If you want to bust me for owning an AR15, I have the means and know-how to convert every one of mine to full auto or build new ones. And they won’t be “traceable”, and I’ll put big fucking drum mags and home-built, unregistered suppressor on them too. In other words, Mr. Big Talking Pussy-Hatted SuperKick – Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on. You want to make me a criminal for being a benign, law-abiding, taxpaying (probably paying for your food stamps) citizen? Bring it the fuck on. I’ll be waiting for you at the Hot Gates.

    I really hope that the idiots pushing for this stuff wise up soon and get a clue about how far they’re pushing us. I drew my line in the sand back before 1994 – and currently considered legislation is driving up to that line with a bulldozer.

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  5. I think the correct translation is;
    Only when gun owners are declared to be criminals will we be free to round them up and eliminate them using any and all means necessary.

    Among the many facets of the insanity required to make such a statement is the conspicuous lack of self awareness. The left has often warned us about “painting with a broad brush”, accusing us of bigotry (blaming a whole group for the actions of a few, wishing to impose punishment on the group), etc. Now they invite the world to paint all gun owners with the broad brush which says, If one criminal uses a gun, then all gun owners are criminals and must be punished as such.

    By that logic, and with more credibility, we could paint leftists with the broad brush that says they’re all criminals, for to cross the line into criminality one must deny the rights of his intended victim. To get around that characterization the left will siimply redefine “rights” (which they did with the “New Bill of Rights” in the early Progressive era). So it is that we have no common standard for right and wrong, and with no common standard it will inevitably come down to The Law of Push Verses Shove.

    There is clearly a lust for a fight in both camps, complete with the John Ross references, and without a common standard of right and wrong, the default standard wil be “kill as many as possible”. Somehow, apparently, we are to believe that all that killing will result in a society in which all the People love one another and therefore live in harmony.

    In short; someone wants us all, on both “sides”, to believe that mass brutality including mass killing is the path to harmony. Methinks that belief mistaken.

    If the following is not the recipe for harmony, then surely there is no such thing;

    You shall not murder
    You shall not commit adultery
    You shall not steal
    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife (sanctity of marriage), nor his manservant, nor his maidservant (employees) nor his ox (means of production), nor his ass (means of transport), nor anything that is your neighbor’s

    This is a total refutation of socialism or Marxism in any form whatsoever, and of the pope, who declared private property as “immoral”.

    Such a complete assertion in favor of private property there has never been made, especially coming as it is from our Creator. Unlike, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” it is specific, clear, concise, and unmistakable. Likewise it defines, with equal clarity, what is “criminal”. I don’t see anything in there about gun ownership, either, except for the fact that guns are property, thus falling under the category of “anything else that is your neighbor’s”.

    Posit; you either love the Ten Commandments, or you have criminal tendencies and therefore do not love them. Likewise with the U.S. Bill of Rights, though it is a less eloquent document.

    Posit; it is entirely possible, and indeed common and likely, for both “sides” in a bloody conflict, however completely they may disagree over what they believe to be fundamental principles, to be wrong.

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  7. Can you imagine how these same idiots would howl with indignation if their affinity for beer and wine, their legal purchases of alcohol at the stores, their moderate consumption, never driving drunk, were equated with the falling-down drunks on the street, the violent husbands and boyfriends, the falling-out-of-their-cars-fat-assed-drunk drivers? If you needed an AID (Alcohol ID) card like they do in Chicago to purchase? If by possessing an AID you needed to have an breathalyzer interlock installed on every car you drove (whether or not you owned it)? And of you drove drunk or drove a car without an interlock, Jail for you!
    Oh, the howls of anger. “I am not a criminal! I don’t care how many people drove drunk yesterday, I did not, and it should not be assumed I did, without proof!”
    And the people who thought this up would say, “It is a privilege not a right, if it saves only one child!

    • Then again, it was people like him who gave us Prohibition. Which was a wonderful demonstration of the evil resulting from arbitrarily prohibiting something a lot of people want. Government still likes the idea because it brings in more graft from organized crime.

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