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There is no infringement in keeping track of your guns, registering them, transferring title, spot raids by ATF to make sure you don’t mistakenly sell them without reporting, or lose them. No infringement on responsible owners.

BigWallSection @peter_and_louie
Tweeted on January 7th, 2019, deleted by January 8th, 2019.
[This is what they think of, and occasionally share in an unguarded moment, the right to keep and bear arms.

I wonder if cell phones were treated as such (for all intents and purposes a modern day “printing press” and all around “free speech” tool) he would still adhere to this opinion.—Joe]


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    • Giving up your Fourth Amendment rights would be an acknowledged condition to exercise your Second Amendment rights.


  1. I don’t think there should be any problem with .gov showing up at this guy’s upscale urban condo with four or five National Guardsmen for him to feed and quarter, without compensation. No infringement at all on a responsible homeowner.

  2. I think I’m going to start asking such clowns what they WOULD consider as “infringement”, just to see what they think it means. How FAR they think they would have to go to infringe.

  3. I am sure he wouldn’t object to spot raids on his medicine cabinet to ensure he accounts for all the oxycontin pills he was prescribed after surgery. Wouldn’t want him to sell them on the black market now, would we.

  4. I don’t get this guy. What would he be hoping to accomplish with these proposals? What problem/s does he think these measures would solve?
    Yes, I understand he doesn’t like guns.

    • It increases the “cost” (hassle and risk of fines or jail) of gun ownership. Fewer guns, by any means necessary, is a good thing.

  5. I’ve just had an off-topic thought: China sends a lot of students to the USA to go to college, particularly grad school. As part of that process, a significant part of the students go back to China with leading edge research information. (You can take it on faith that no Chinese student is coming over here to enter a gender studies, English or Art degree program. Maybe a music program.)

    Why is it that the Chinese government is not too concerned with their students adopting political thought that will pit them against the regime when they return? Or for those students to elect to stay?

    The conditions of their student visa may preclude the student staying. They’d have to get married to stay, and the Chinese government is not shy about threatening their family back in China.

    I think the other factor in the risk analysis is that the US academic culture is very Communist friendly. If the student stays on campus, they’re not going to learn things that are Communist unfriendly. In fact, as they take their non-degree graduation requirements, they are highly likely to end up taking classes from non-STEM departments that are the hollow shell of a former academic discipline, refilled with authoritarian progressive activism.

    • I wonder if the Chinese government allows its students to attend Hillsdale College. Probably not, for the reasons you gave.

  6. If you think your phone isn’t as “registered” as the left wants guns to be, you haven’t been paying attention. Your location, your phone use, your browsing history and so on are collected and used by everyone imaginable. If the left could have, regarding firearms, just a few percent of the info phone users voluntarily surrender to government and corporate interests, it would make them very happy.

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