Quote of the day—Andrew M. Cuomo

Ladies and gentlemen, this nation is in crisis. The social fabric is fraying and it is nearing its breaking point. We must stand up to this tyranny once again. Not with muskets the way our founders did. But with our voices and our votes and with the power and example of our action here in New York.

Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
December 17, 2018
Cuomo declares NY independent from federal government
[From the same article:

His agenda, which includes marijuana legalization, gun control measures, and environmental protections, is New York’s Declaration of Independence, Cuomo said.

I like this response:

The new state motto could be Freedom through Over-Regulation. Or, how about, True Liberty Flows from Tyranny?

It’s like Lyle says sometimes. Cuomo wants independence from the Federal Government so he will have, “freedom to do wrong.”—Joe]


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    • You don’t really believe they’d stop at New a York, dust off their hands, declare victory, and rest in satisfaction from then on. No; in the minds of authoritarians, New York is but one domino. Knock it down and the next one falls the more easily.

  1. Cool. Cut off all Federal monies for education, transportation and other infrastructure. Let them suck on Bloombergs fortune until it runs out, and then starve.

    • Yup, just what they’d love. That’d mean a few million ready-made antifa-style foot soldiers invading the neighboring states, if for no other reason than to eat.

      They own the biggest stock market too, for one thing, and let’s see, what else? What other strategic assets? And what foreign interests would be most willing and eager to support and trade with them, and/or take over and use New York, with its excellent harbor, its media infrastructure, and its proximity to WA DC, as a forward operating base?

      Careful what you wish for….

      • They are already knocking over the dominoes and killing the republic in the bargain. Let them go and if they get aggressive perhaps we can motivate conservatives to fight a foreign enemy. They don’t have any real strategic assets either. Wall Street is perhaps the defining example of a paper tiger.

        And if CA, NJ, MD, MA, IL, and CN want to go too, that is fine with me. Only condition is that those parts of the states that want to rejoin America get to do that.

  2. Let me see if I can translate this can of worms;

    “Comrades, we’ve finally managed to bring this nation into crisis. The social fabric is fraying and it is nearing its breaking point, thanks to our joint efforts. We must pretend to stand up to this tyranny we’ve created, once again. Not with muskets the way the enemy’s founders did. But with our voices and our votes and with the power and example of our action here in New York.”

    “Power and example of our action” he says. So they’re actually beginning to throw off that old camouflage of fake “liberalism” and “compassion” and now they’re openly calling for brute force. Nancy Pelosi called herself a “Disruptor” and spoke highly of the process of disruption, encouraging it in her followers. Cuomo’s words here point to what the leftist (Romish) revolutionary forces refer to as “Direct Action”, which in turn is another way of saying “Disruption”.

    Can someone who thinks of themselves as “liberal” please try to explain how this “power and example of our action” (Direct Action, which means bypassing the legal processes and limits prescribed in our constitution, and let’s be honest; it means “violent, communist revolution”) squares with your stated desire to be “peaceful” and “tolerant” and “free from want” and “compassionate” and “progressive” and all that other stuff that sounds so good and wonderful until we realize that it is an ancient system of universal coercion and brute force?

    Before you answer though, you’ll have to acquire the proper context for the terms I’ve just presented, and so you’ll have to study the speeches and teachings among the leftist activists in Chicago and in the Universities and in the behind-the-scenes of the leftist agitation movement, e.g. Sol Alinsky, William Ayers, et al, Woodrow Wilson’s writings during his tenure at Princeton, etc. throw in a few papal encyclicals for good measure, and that’ll both round it all out and shock you.

    The problem for you is, if you actually do that, in an earnest endeavor of finding the truth of the matter, you’ll realize that you’ve been supporting radical, violent communists, racists, robbers, gangsters, expert liars, rapists, papists, Jesuit generals and satan worshipers. Oops. Same goes for chasing the influences and doctrines driving the Republican Party though, let’s be fair and balanced here, and so where does that leave us poor goyum, us poor suckers, we the chumps left paying the bills and cleaning up after the party?

  3. It’s interesting to me that the only times you hear Democrats talk about liberty is drugs, and abortion.

  4. Or … How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Supreme Leader.

    Cuomo is a narcissist and petty dictator. He is notorious for backroom deals and selling contracts.

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