Quote of the day—Tom Arnold (@TomArnold)

This explains why 80% of gun owners shoot themselves or members of their own families.

Tom Arnold (@TomArnold)
Tweeted on November 30, 2018
[See also, Math is hard by Carl Bussjaeger.

As we have known for a long time, anti-gun people have problems with numbers and arithmetic. Arnold is just reminding us of that and that Hollywood types do not have any special knowledge in anything other than pretending to be something other than what they are and reciting lines from a script.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Arnold (@TomArnold)

  1. I don’t understand their logic:
    If 80% of gun owners end up shooting themselves and/or their families;
    And, we are deplorable creatures that need to be eradicated anyway;
    Then why all the laws on “safe storage” and red flags? Wouldn’t it be better to let us just wipe ourselves out and solve the gun violence problem that way? Heck, repeal NFA ’34 and let us have machine guns – we can accomplish the self-extermination even quicker!

  2. Ah, Left-Speak. If you redefine “gun owner” as “mass shooter, murderer” then his numbers are not so far off.

    That guy who lived in his parents’ basement and could never keep a job, who espoused Marxist/leftist/Islamist doctrine all his life, who eventually snapped and shot up a school? Yup; “Gun Owner”. See? QED.

    Since “Gun Owners” are now discussed as though they are “mass shooters, murderers” it is of course OK, even necessary and laudable, to hate them and want them all removed from society.

    The fact that “Gun Owners” capitulate, complying with all the restrictions and licensing requirements, etc., is seen as proof that they know they’re guilty, for if they were truly innocent, if they really believed the principles they claim to uphold, they’d never stand for any of it.

    The “Gun Owner” who capitulates, and points out how law-abiding, productive, generous and peaceful he is, attempting thereby to calm or deflect the hatred directed toward him, is seen as all the more contemptible, if for no other reason than for his grand hypocrisy (“shall not be infringed” and “look at how totally law-abiding I am”, i.e. His best defense is; “See how I submit to those my espoused principals define as criminals”).

    This rather perfectly mirrors the relationship between the papal system and the Protestant reformers who, after hundreds of years of spectacular gains, never fully adopted their standard of Sola Gracia, sola Christos, sola Scriptura, and so eventually capitulated back to Rome. They still call themselves “Protestants”, but few can say what it is they’re protesting. At their leadership level at least, they have now officially recognized the authority of Rome as “The Mother Church”, thus surrendering the whole Reformation in principle if not in name.

  3. Maybe that’s the same 80% of gun owners polled who allegedly want more sweeping infringements. I guess in that case I really don’t mind if those people shoot themselves.

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