Quote of the day—Vote Blue November 6‏ @AlvardoMitchell

The solution is quite simple.

Ban civilian firearms and make illegal possession and/or distribution a capital crime.

Every dead gun owner makes society a better place.

Vote Blue November 6‏ @AlvardoMitchell
Tweeted October 6, 2018.
[Simple solutions for simple minds.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Vote Blue November 6‏ @AlvardoMitchell

    • No Jay Dee.
      He needs a seat as a defendant at Joe’s new Nuremburg Tribunals. And what most of the defendants at the first one got.

  1. Every dead gun owner makes society a better place.

    He’s right, you know. I figure that we’ll take at least 10 communists with us for every one of us they take out.

  2. There are many countries that already practice what this douche knob is advocating. Alvarado should pack up and move to one of them!

  3. Sure, pass that law, Alvardo, and you’ll discover there is a fascinating new market in disposing of guns used in crime by planting them in anti-gun advocates’ cars, then anonymously tipping off the cops.

    Whoops, looks like those hoodlums stole your car stereo, but they missed the illegally owned Hi-Point with defaced serial number under your driver’s seat!

  4. “Every dead gun owner makes society a better place.”

    Calling everyone they disagree with “Litterally Hitler” while calling at the same time for a mass extermination.

    Wait; what happened to “Compassion”, “Compromise”, “Tolerance” and to “Coexist”, and “All cultures have something valuable to offer the world”, and “We must stop the divisiveness”, “Tone down the rhetoric”, and “Stop the hate”, and “Violence never solved anything”, and “Don’t paint [the whole group] with a broad brush”…?

    Would they separate us from our children upon arresting us, or would they kill our children too?

    In fact, and as always, the left is the headquarters of bigotry, envy, hatred, Eugenics, an inability to think rationally, and of authoritarianism, while they accuse everyone else, especially the Christian Protestant cultures, of being what they are and doing what they do.

    Where is Antifa on this? How about the ACLU? Where are all the “Compassionate” Democrats, standing up, loudly and boldly condemning this sort of talk?


    On the other hand, we should allow for the possibility that this was a “false flag” comment.

  5. Snowflakes assault, try to assassinate gun owners. Video at 11.

    Ok, the details are different, but the results are similar.

  6. So, my capital crime is to merely possess a firearm? My intent and use are irrelevant.

    Such warped attitudes are all the evidence anyone should ever need to justify our right to be armed, all the time and anywhere.

    Substitute any other civil right to get the full impact. Own a Bible, Torah, or koran and be killed on the spot. Own a copy of the Constitution and be put down as an enemy of the state. Publish a blog critical of the government and you deserve a train ride to a FEMA camp. Except, they can try and then learn otherwise.

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