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No, the difference is that the Republicans controlled the Senate in both cases and thus could both prevent Garland from getting a hearing and force a hearing and vote for Kavanaugh, forcing the Democrats to get as dirty as possible to have any chance at influence.

And the assertion that these are empty accusations is just wishful thinking on the part of Republicans. There’s no conspiracy here, the guy’s pretty clearly an infantile little douchebag — and hanging on to him was a big mistake. Women in both parties are now incandescent with rage and will make what was a likely moderate turnover of Congress into a landslide. After which point they’ll impeach Kavanaugh for perjury (his lies are now well documented…that testimony the other day will be the rope they hang him with) and the Republicans will have both lost Congress and the SOTUS seat they want so badly.

John Schussler
September 29, 2018
Comment to Quote of the day—Matt Walsh‏ @MattWalshBlog
[My response in the comments:

It’s interesting to read your viewpoint on the situation. It is quite different from some others. I talked to a big Trump supporter (best president EVER!!) last week who saw the fallout from the Kavanaugh confirmation process to be a huge win for Republicans in the elections next month.

As Scott Adams puts it (paraphrasing), “People are watching the same screen and seeing different movies.” My QOTD post for tomorrow has a lot more related information but I think you probably get the idea.

To determine who is “watching” the movie which most closely matches reality we only have to wait a month until the elections and see which is the better match. I’m going to make your comment my QOTD post for the day after the elections to remind us to review the predictions. This will also allow us to explore the predictions made by the book “When Prophecy Fails“. Either my Trump supporter will have their “prophecy” fail or you will have your prophecy fail. It will be a great test! I’m really looking forward to it.

Today is the day we evaluate the test results.

So…. which person has the better grasp on reality?—Joe]


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  1. Based on the fact that the Democrat Senators who voted against Kavanaugh all failed reelection, and the only Democrat who voted for Kavanaugh won……

    I think the House votes were all able to be distanced from the Kavanaugh issue so there were many other issues in play.

  2. Split decision. Democrats do a bit better in the House than expected but within normal range for midterms. Republicans do a lot better in the Senate than expected. Basically because of a really good map, Kavanaugh and Trump who concentrated heavily on the Senate. Differential was probably related to McConnell giving Republicans something to be excited about and Ryan not doing that. Democrats seem to have done quite well at the state level too. Flipped a bunch of governorships. God knows about legislatures. By the time they are finished counting it will be old news and not reported. Bunch of left-wing initiatives passed too and not just in WA.

    My take on reality is that the slide to civil war continues. No idea when it will go hot but it is coming. We simply have to deal with the fact that we don’t have one country any more. We have two and they are both stuck in the same geographic place. If we wish to avoid the war, we have to split the country.

  3. I’ve got to learn to spend the money on the good crystal balls. The cheap ones have too many distortions in the glass.

    I got the “women are really angry” part right. What I missed was that although the democratic women were pissed *at* Kavanaugh, the republican women were pissed *for* him. Didn’t see that coming.

    • Ah, “Didn’t see that coming.”


      On the second point, you’re assuming that woman will generally assume that accusation equals guilt, and vote against anyone who argues otherwise. I’m not so sure. A bunch of them will believe, as I do, that accusations of major crimes should be accompanied by evidence. A bunch more will think “there but for the grace of God goes my father, or my husband, or my son, or my brother”……”

      Sorry Sir. If you ‘didn’t see that coming’, it’s because you let your clearly stated bias close your eyes as tightly as possible when that possibility was presented to you. But then, personal animus is noted for doing that.

      • Emmett Till’s mother understood all too well the outrage of believing an accusation without hesitation.

    • It is truly hard to “see that coming” when it is so easy to live in an echo chamber.

      For liberals, the mainstream media and Facebook can all say the same thing (eg women really angry) while completely censoring the other side (women pissed at accusers).

      It appears that the more libertarian and conservative people don’t have the same blind spot due to the mainstream media being so thoroughly liberal.

      It can’t be fun to notice that you missed a key part of the narrative that was being broadcast loudly on libertarian/conservative non-mainstream media.

      But I applaud you for saying out loud that you didn’t see it coming!

      100% of my liberal friends don’t have the intellectual courage to say that even on Facebook, much less a publicly visible comment area.

      • I think one of the reasons everybody’s so mad at everybody else is the unwillingness to admit fault or error, and a great enthusiasm for the errors of others. The President being right at the front of the line today, with his press conference to gloat about the defeat of his enemies in the Senate, and his deflection of any blame for the loss of the House.

        Humility and balance seem to have died a very complete death.

        • I think Trump concentrated on the Senate because of appointments. The map was easier and McConnell gave Republicans something to be for. Not so Ryan.

      • “For liberals, the mainstream media and Facebook can all say the same thing (eg women really angry) while completely censoring the other side (women pissed at accusers).”
        I think you dramatically underestimate the threat that narrowcasting like facebook brings. These systems are highly profitable bubble generators. People already preferred to hear reinforcement, now we have software that detects what they want and gives it to em. The money they harvest spends the same regardless of the processed units political leaning.

    • John Schussier, thank you for your reply. It is up lifting to see somebody listening to other opinions. So thank you for spending time to engage with us in a conversation.

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