Quote of the day—Rob Mills

She’s worked out stuff with Mom’s Demand Action to make sure that she can support their goals without supporting the organization openly.

Rob Mills
Deputy Regional Field Director, Claire McCaskill Campaign
[H/T to David Hardy.

Claire McCaskill is a U.S. Senator for Missouri.

Project Veritas bring us the video which conclusively shows this Democrat and her staff are being deliberately deceptive in an attempt to violate the rights of hundreds of millions of people.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rob Mills

  1. Have no fear that this hasn’t been disseminated as far and as wide as possible in Missouri.
    There is little love of McCasskill outside of St Lousy and KC.
    Polls are transitory, made for public consumption, products.
    The numbers of voters are what counts and the primary results tell the tale.
    While McCaskill received more votes as opposed to Hawley, the total number of R voters voting was ~50,000 more than the total number of D voters.
    November is looking not too bad.

  2. “…video which conclusively shows this Democrat and her staff…being deliberately deceptive in an attempt to violate the rights of hundreds of millions of people.”

    You mean it’s a conspiracy then.

    With regard to physical violence, let’s say, for example; when does an attempt, or a credible threat (the obvious motive, plus a real ability to carry it out, plus a long history of such threats being carried out by other members of your organization, plus large-scale collusion, such as funding, to make it happen, plus a widespread, willing and able network of enforcers ready to make good on the threat and having a long history of doing so), become actionable in and of itself? And wouldn’t those same standards of actionability apply to such an attempt, or such a credible threat, against the enumerated rights of hundreds of millions of people?

    Or must one be thoroughly and completely successful in one’s open and blatant attempt at violence, after his many blatant and credible public threats, and found standing over the cold, dead body of his victim, before it becomes an actionable offense?

    And once again, such infidelity described in the quote will be considered a bad thing only if one is a libertarian. In the eyes of anyone whose allegiance is given to the authoritarian system, the secrecy, conspiracy, lies, and dirty tricks, all for The Cause, will be seen as clever and good, a demonstration of a willingness to do what ever it takes, a sign of commitment, and worthy of support.

    If you’re the bride of the perfect law of liberty, you’ll be crushed, disgusted and saddened. If you’re the mistress/whore of Babylon you’ll be having the time of your life, impressed, encouraged and calling for more.

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