Deception is the only way

I found this very interesting:

Gun control was supposed to be the issue of 2018.

Yet it has receded so far into the background of the midterm congressional elections that Everytown for Gun Safety, a major player in gun control, is spending its money on ads covering abortion, health care and the Republican tax bill — but nary a mention of assault rifles or bump stocks.

Apparently Everytown for Gun Safety recognizes that advocating for gun control is a losing strategy. So their response is to achieve their goals indirectly by helping politicians who hide their position on guns but will vote against gun owners when they get a chance.

When the only way people can get their way is through deception you know their intentions are evil.


5 thoughts on “Deception is the only way

  1. I note that a woman’s right to choose to kill their babies in the womb is the only choice these people support. Every other aspect of your life must conform o their world view.

  2. On the subject of deception…

    I was looking through the financial impact statement of the initiative.

    I find interesting that there is a whole lot of “we don’t know and can’t estimate the costs” language, although they do admit to a minimum of $1m up front costs for additional record keeping and $500k annually for the same, plus little incidentals like $83K each for one or more additional ‘background check specialists’. They make vague motions towards costs to prosecute and incarcerate with no estimates of how many violators they expect to charge.

    I can see there are several immediate avenues of legal attack based on outright defiance of existing US Supreme Court precedent. What’s the going rate for the state to defend indefensible parts of this initiative? The legislature can’t modify any of this for two years, and the Governor’s office is eager to prove his bona fides to the interstate criminal conspiracy to deprive civil rights under color of law.

    How far is the state obligated to go to defend indefensible parts of an initiative? Basically, how much tilting at windmills are the taxpayers of WA going to have to eat, at the expense of worthy pubic services? Also, WA has a “state pays if the plaintiffs prevail on civil rights grounds”, so there’s a double whammy.

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