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I’m not suggesting we disarm the police or army. Not exactly. But we might want to take a closer look at our culture and try to understand why we’re all so darned gun crazy.

It’s a frontier mentality, I suppose. A couple of hundred years of stealing land and fending off angry natives can really make a culture trigger-happy.

I suggest we start at the top.

I worry about somebody shooting me at the mall, but I worry a lot more about being incinerated by nuclear weapons.

If we’re serious about gun control, we might want to refocus on multilateral nuclear disarmament. To fret about handguns in a world of hair-trigger nuclear weaponry is textbook denial.

Jess Grant
August 14, 2018
A new approach to gun control
[I found to difficult to decide if they were this vacuous because they were naturally this way or if they were exhibiting the effects of the readily available marijuana in Washington state.

In either case, they had crap for brains when they wrote this.—Joe]


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  1. Multilateral nuclear disarmament works only so long as all parties really mean it. If one side lies and keeps their weapons, every one else is held hostage.
    As a method of preventing war Mutually Assured Destruction has a better track record than disarmament treaties. Unicorn farts and rainbows do not change human nature.

    • As one of the founding fathers said it so clearly: “if men were angels, no laws would be required”. The corollary is “if men were angels, no weapons would be required”.

  2. The Romans (now embodied in the Vatican), along with the Pharisees, Jesuits and Muslims, managed to kill millions of Christians without the use of firearms or weapons of mass destruction. All they needed was the Herodian Mind and the ability to spread it to others.

    The weapons technology of the day has nothing whatsoever to do with the propensity of authoritarians to carry out mass killing for the consolidation of power, except insofar as some people are now better able to defend themselves against such.

    And of course the authoritarian must portray the United States in the worst possible terms, ignoring the long history of bloody conquests, purges, slavery and coercive redistribution worldwide which he seems intent on reinvigorating.

    • That’s a nice thought and all, and cute, but of course if we got rid of all the nukes then we’d need our small arms more than ever.

  3. Is someone itching for a machete war then, and can’t stand the thought of anyone being able to defend themselves using firearms against his machete gangs?

    Maybe we should ask Jess Grant just exactly how he would prefer to carry out his wish of killing millions of his political enemies. Are we talking hand-to-hand axe and spear wars again, for old time’s sake? Or is he more of a stake and crucifixion man?

  4. I grew up in a small town which was, at that time, populated substantially by first-generation immigrants, mostly from Europe. A close neighbor, a W.W. I vet from Italy, named Costa, had had an eye socket shot out in the war. My mother once asked him if he ever wished to return to visit his old homeland.

    “Oh, NO!!” he told her, “In fact I sometimes have nightmares about being stuck in Europe, unable to get back to the United States.”

    When we were boys, my brothers and I would often carry our 22 caliber rifles openly through town to go out shooting at The Pond and The Clay Pits. I had always believed that the neighbors were merely indifferent to the sight us kids with our rifles. Knowing what I know now about world history however, I can imagine some of them, like Costa, beaming with joy and gratitude at the sight, even to sweet tears.

    They had witnessed first-hand the bloody horrors of authoritarianism (which we now are expected to lovingly call “Progressivism”) and they were extremely grateful to be as far away from it as possible.

    My home town is now substantially a welfare bum town, much dirtier, shabbier and unkempt than before, now that the old immigrants are all gone. Those people had to die off before the U.S. could get to its current, sorry state. My generation is next, and after that all hell will break loose once again I think, though this time it will be right here in the former “Land of The Free and Home of The Brave”. It’s becoming “Land of The Entitled and Home of The Pissed-off Socialist”.

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