Quote of the day—Mike Thompson

When we take the majority in November you will see a background-checks bill right away.

Mike Thompson
U.S. Representative from California
August 9, 2018
The Democratic Party’s New Litmus Test: Gun Control
Candidates for the 2018 House midterms are pushing a muscular firearms-regulation agenda, a wholesale repositioning after the party for a generation avoided new limits
[Via email from Paul Koning.

Also, from the same article:

Democrats running for Congress in 2018 are pushing a muscular gun-control agenda that represents a wholesale repositioning on the hot-button issue. In this year’s midterm election, gun control has become a party litmus test from which few dissent, alongside abortion rights and support for same-sex marriage.

It is critically important to make this the biggest political miscalculation disaster possible. Find things you can do to contribute to their loss and do them.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike Thompson

  1. This is a big deal, I hope. Not because the policies are new, they aren’t by decades. But because the mask has been taken off. Democrats used to claim that they were gun right supporters (or “supported hunters”) while pushing victim disarmament policies. As a result, there still are gun owners in the country who routinely vote Democrat.
    I hope that it is now finally clear that the D party is inherently and fundamentally opposed to honest people owning guns, and no gun owner should support any D politician under any circumstances whatsoever. (If you can’t find an R to support, vote the Libertarian candidate, or cast a blank.)

  2. Muscular must be the word of the day.
    It adds gravitas, which was an old word of the day

  3. So, forcing millions of Citizens into non-Compliance with their new laws is the Progressive way to gain power.

    More likely, as things mount and non-compliance grows into disregard and contempt, we have the seeds for the conflict that I believe they are really looking for.

    Jeff B.

  4. The reason the Dems “avoided” gun control is that except for the deep blue states, every time they run on more gun control, they get their collective heads handed to them. In red and even pink states they have to lie about their support for the second amendment. I.e. “I don’t want to take your guns” or “I I support your right to own guns” or the ever popular “I’m a hunter and a gun owner.” Once elected they vote in lockstep with the most egregious gun grabbers. F ’em.

  5. That’s fine, get ALL the crazies out in the open so we can take them down en masse. My only worry is that the Democrats will be MORE electorally viable in 2020 after the purge of 2018.

  6. “a muscular gun-control agenda”

    I’m thinking this is pajama boy’s response to the earned ridicule of the Left.

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