Quote of the day—Kellie Collins

When your friends and family are depending on you to make ethical decisions that affect their lives for many years a member of Congress should hold her or himself to a much higher standard than the bare minimum that many GOP members are currently using as a benchmark.

Kellie Collins
February 27, 2017
Get to Know Kellie Collins, Candidate for House Representative in Georgia’s 10th
Update 8/14/2018: Reasoned discourse has broken out. Here is a cached copy.
[That was 18 months ago. Now we have this:

Former candidate charged shooting death of campaign treasurer, backed gun control during race

A former Georgia Congressional candidate is now charged with the murder of her campaign treasurer.

Thomson woman, Kellie Collins, turned herself into the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office the same day authorities in Aiken County found Curtis Cain’s body in his apartment on Old Powderhouse Road.

Why are progressives so violent? Because it is in their nature.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kellie Collins

  1. When they have the “D” after their names, they have a good reason, compared to the people with the “R” after their names.

    • More evidence that the speech of conservatives is violence and the violence of Leftists is speech, and protected by the First Amendment from Government censorship.

      • Excellent! Now let’s put it it’s fundamental terms;

        The utterance of truth is violence against the Prince of the World and must be put down with all available force.

        Heretic, meet the stake!

        This is also known as “social justice”.

        “Economic justice” is when they divvy up the spoils of your property after you’re dead.

  2. This would appear to be the answer to the question;
    What happens when you’ve been convinced that guns are designed, made, acquired and kept, and a “right” asserted and written into our constitution, all to further the perpetration of crime?

    Is this a case of, Believing the lie means living the lie? Or is it the other way around?

    In being the mean, intolerant, violent, racist, fascistic, and kleptocratic ones, are the Progressives of both parties demonstrating to us that which they think of us? Are they becoming the persona of their own hatred of the stereotypes they themselves have so methodically and meticulously fabricated?

    Yes; the word is “projection”.

    Often we become the scapegoats for the sins of our accusers. So it was with Adam, Eve, Cain and Able, so it has been prophesied, and so it will continue until the end. Be patient. We’re told that all this nonsense will be brought to an end, permanently, but not by our own hand.

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