4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—lamar loquacious platypus

  1. Wow. I guess that political clown is trying to see how many articles of the Constitution he can trample in one day. Down with the 2nd Amendment, of course. While we’re at it, let’s kill the 1st Amendment, too.
    The article quotes such lovely notions as “ban semi-automatic, high velocity weapons”. I’m not sure what a high velocity weapon is. A Ferrari? Anyway, “semi-automatic weapons” of course means nearly every handgun apart from single shot target pistols and single-action (cowboy style) revolvers. He may or may not understand that. If you assume ignorance, he doesn’t, but at this point the best assumption is malice, i.e., he does understand that and is trying to get away with evil.

  2. Or we could fight fire with fire and insist the same sort of signs go up at any place that distributes alcoholic beverages and better yet, every hospital and clinic. Those places are demonstrably much more dangerous to your health than any high velocity weapon I might possess, oh wait, let’s not leave out car dealerships.

    • Car dealerships and gasoline. The courts have already ruled that an automobile is a deadly weapon. And Gasoline — How many sticks of dynamite is a two-gallon can of gasoline equivalent to?

      • 47, and that’s based on at least as good of evidence as the straws thing.

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