Idaho visit

Last weekend Barb and I went to Idaho. We delivered more chemicals for Boomershoot 2019, trimmed some trees along the road to Boomershoot Taj Mahal, and attended my high school reunion. The weather was a little on the warm side but not bad. We took a few pictures during the trip:


I believe this was west of Colfax on Highway 26. We found the clouds quite pretty.


This is the lentil field just south of Boomershoot Mecca.


I”m planning to repair these steel targets at the tree line before Boomershoot 2019.


I was trying to do the equivalent of this one from almost exactly 10 years ago:



Another view of the hay bales with the shooting line in the background.


For many years Barb had digestive issues with wheat. Those issues mysteriously went away a few months ago (Barb is skeptical of my suggestion it was Dr. Joe’s cure for everything, and I’m skeptical of her hypothesis of a spiritual/energy something or other healing). Here we have her next to a field of Huffman Wheat.


10 thoughts on “Idaho visit

  1. Well, you know that Dr. Joe’s Cure For Everything does have spiritual type energy healing, in its panoply of benefits and things cured.

    • There is another hypothesis involving antibiotics and intestinal bacteria but it’s just too wild to give serious consideration.

      • In considering the question of which is stranger or more difficult to accept, truth or fiction, I’m undecided.

        Statistically however, fiction is the more common, or prevalent, compared to truth. By that specific definition then, truth is the stranger.

        I think most people will agree with the above, even though they’ll disagree totally on which is the true and which the false. I’m finding that, more often, one’s allegiance will determine what one considers to be “true” and “false”, or “plausible” or “unlikely”, even among the paid “scientists”.

        And here’s something of a paradoxical oxymoron for you; “Professional Scientist”. A “consensus of professional scientists” = a group which was paid for their results.

        On the flip side, we have the other paradoxical oxymoron of “Career Evangelist”. The job of the career evangelist or priest is to present to you that which cannot be found in the Bible for free.

        Very, very little of what we consider to be our “knowledge” is acquired directly, but is instead told to us by someone who claims to know. And thereby we have chosen who, not necessarily what, to believe. It often comes down to choosing the better, more skillful and organized liars.

      • Antibiotic use and the detrimental effects to the gut are not that far fetched with regard to allergies. To me, that is far more plausible as a lot of immune function is associated with gut health.

  2. Some views of the Palouse Region look just like Tolkien’s paintings of The Shire.

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