Quote of the day—Alyssa Milano

Imagine the damage one of these guns, even if it was only capable of firing one shot, could do aboard a plane. Or in a government office. Or in your child’s classroom.

Alyssa Milano
July 31, 2018
Alyssa Milano: A 3D printed gun is downloadable death
[Imagine the good one of these guns could do if it was used to defend your life or the life of your child. Imagine the harm it will do if the courts somehow decide the First Amendment doesn’t apply to software used to protect freedom.

I find it very telling she thinks a government office is a particularly bad place to have a gun. World history shows governments are a much bigger threat to innocent life than all other threats combined. This puts her squarely on the side of evil.

Ms. Milano, go back to your acting. These are specific enumerated rights we are talking about and we don’t want or need your acting skills to inject emotional baggage into a question of civil rights.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alyssa Milano

  1. Somebody should ask Ms. Milano how many people have been killed to date by 3D printed firearms in the world. Then ask how many people have been killed by rocks and sticks.

  2. Just remember – from single-shot, disposable plastic experiments, through cheap “Saturday Night Specials” through evil “We5apons of War” AR-15s to your grandaddy’s scoped, pre-64 “long range sniper rifle” – no one wants to take your guns!

    • ‘…evil “We5apons of War”…’

      Ah…but as part of the settlement, Fed.gov now expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military.

      So this raises the question of the continuing validity of a ‘sporting purposes’ requirement for importing semi-auto firearms, yes?

      • Silly you; trying to apply logic to an authoritarian system, thus making of yourself a contradiction in terms.

        Also; thinking for yourself = heresy. Watch yourself, Pilgrim.

  3. Every time she starts talking about guns, expecting us to take her seriously (because “Alyssa Milano”), I just want to pat her gently on the head and tell her, “Ssh, go back to your ‘acting’, sweetie; the adults are talking.”

    If she’s going to talk and act like a child, she should expect to be treated like a child.

  4. Milano is getting into Reefer Madness territory. Just watch Reefer Madness, replace cannabis with guns, and there you have it.

    Unfortunately that sort of BS works as well today as it ever did.

    Those campaigns of lies inoculate us against the truth, which in this case is the fact that the most dangerous ideologies in the history of the world come from the people who are most loudly “warning” us of the “dangers” in the world; coercive authoritarianism, coercive collectivism and coercive redistributionism.

    It’s that Central Planning Mentality (the mindset of Rome and of Babylon) that’ll wreak havoc and destruction upon any society it touches. That mindset, which seeks authority over your very life and death, is fully embraced and promoted in public education.

    Just as in Reefer Madness, the Central Planning Mentality Disorder (CPMD) really does have its clutches into your sons and daughters, corrupting their minds, turning them into licentious, irrational, emotion-driven, violence-prone criminals who continue to look to the increased authority of the state for their salvation, thus keeping them from ever being exposed to the truth.

  5. Calling what she does “acting” is generous. I applaud your restraint.

    • Script + actor = acting. It fits, regardless of the observed skill level of said actor.

      It’s the same as being a garden variety liar, with the various skill levels of various liars.

      In the clear-cut cases of theatre we know it’s all lies and we pay for the express purpose of being lied to, as a service. Otherwise there’s no difference between politics and theatre, and even then they are usually exactly the same thing.

      The Jesuits figured this out centuries ago, and now they run some of the most “elite” universities where our politicians, bureaucrats, corporate bosses, teachers, bankers, community organizers (agitators) and media programmers and figureheads are “educated” (trained in the dark arts).

  6. As Uncle would say, “I did not summon you to entertain me. Back into your box, dancing monkey.”

    • Much as I usually respond to those in the entertainment industry like Ms Milano, “Shut up and dance, monkey.”

  7. Laurence Sterne, in his wonderful work “A Sentimental Journey” describes a woman’s life in the 18th Century:
    “There are three epochas in the empire of a French woman.—She is coquette,—then deist,—then dévote: the empire during these is never lost,—she only changes her subjects. When thirty-five years and more have unpeopled her dominion of the slaves of love, she re-peoples it with slaves of infidelity,—and then with the slaves of the church.”
    Replace the church with “politics” and you have your modern actresses/activists, from Shirley McLaine to Barbra Streisand to Ashley Judd to Alyssa Milano. First they are actresses, then social/charity celebs, then political activists.

    I, for one, thought she was awesome in Charmed. Beyond her acting I don’t really care what she does or thinks.

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