Overheard at work

Some of my teammates and I were discussing the details of an email we got from someone who claimed they had been hacked. It had a number of conclusions which were absurd on their face and the data they supplied were consistent with an alternate hypothesis which was void of any wrongdoing. Yet, we were inclined to look into it a little bit more…

Joe: What they are saying doesn’t make any sense but it’s all within the realm of standard ignorance.

Caity: I like that phrase, “Within the realm of standard ignorance.” Can I be Queen of the Realm?


2 thoughts on “Overheard at work

  1. Gun control also sounds reasonable, but only within the realm of standard ignorance.

    It doesn’t take much exposure to objective, verifiable facts to conclude that gun control makes as much sense as flat-eartherism, socialism or the aether theory of gravitation and electromagnetism propagation.

  2. That is interesting. Issues of ego aside, I suppose it will be one of the more common defenses, and even possibly a valid one in some cases;
    “Forgive them, Father, for they were operating within the realm of standard ignorance.”

    It also brings up the very real issue of pleading one’s own ignorance as a defense;
    “Forgive me. I was operating within the realm of standard ignorance.”

    Thus, although knowledge is a powerful thing it can also be the one incriminating factor. One step outside the realm of standard ignorance and you are now more accountable, more culpable.

    And we could apply it to Marx;
    “From each who operates outside the realm of standard ignorance, to each who operates within the realm of standard ignorance.”

    In addition to revealing the lie of authoritarianism, that phrase it broaches the subject of pleading both need and ignorance, for one’s own benefit.

    That of course leads to the primary intended result, which is that the capable and the knowledgeable are to be excoriated and expropriated, knowledge and capability beyond standard ignorance being seen as an injustice in need of correction. It becomes a necessity.

    Ignorance and incompetence must therefore be upheld as virtues, lest the system of expropriation lose its momentum. The more who plead need, the lower the threshold of standard ignorance (and incompetence) must be, so as to remain on the receiving end.

    This was explained years ago as “defining deviancy down”, meaning that what was deviant yesterday is now the standard, and so we must find and enter some greater deviancy and deprivations to keep the process going.

    And so, once you see and understand the process as being one of willfulness, running on a keen awareness of that which must be promoted (deviancy and the lie of need) verses that which must be attacked (the truth of ability), you see that it’s not running on ignorance at all, but rather evil.

    The Realm of Standard Ignorance (Rome, or Babylon) is very organized, its citizens being very keenly aware of the fact that they must be protected against the truth at all cost lest they lose everything they ever knew.

    Also; its “queen”, or saint, is commonly depicted as a whore, and is a whore, whom the citizens call “reason” (see French Revolution for but one example). She may also be depicted as a goddess, often with many breasts from which she feeds her people. Baal has been depicted that way also.

    I don’t think you want to be queen of that realm.

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