Quote of the day—Gary Hetherington

When Nanny Bloomberg turned his considerable wealth from banning Bladder Busters to banning firearms, groups like Moms Demand Action suddenly appear. I suppose they chose to call themselves Moms, because more accurate labels such as Bored Housewives for Gun Control, Alinskyites for Common Sense, and Do-Gooders for Your Own Good, just don’t have the same marketing cachet.

Gary Hetherington
April 19, 2018
Letter: Chicago’s lack of political will no reason to impose gun control on rest of Illinois
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gary Hetherington

  1. I note that “action”, to a Progressive, always means “coercion”.

    So how about Commies for Coercion? Marxists for Mayhem? Traitors Demand Tyranny? Whores Demand Horror? Satinists for Sedition? Bitches for Bribes?

    They all sound very harsh of course, but then, conspiring to violate the constitution, conspiring to deprive rights Under Color of Law, promoting coercion and ultimately outright violence isn’t exactly nice, nor mild, nor pretty nor well-intentioned by any stretch of the imagination. The very best one could say about them is that some of them might simply be misled and ignorant enough to fall for it.

    It’s hard to say anything nice about people who embrace lies and call for wholesale coercion, but we do have some responsibility to expose the truth to them, so that they might at least have some chance of understanding it.

  2. I wish I better understood the psychology behind the die-hard belief that ignorance and weakness is the best response to evil, and the inability to understand and acknowledge the actual degree of evil that exists in the world. I’d like to understand the mental disease process that causes this cognitive distortion and dissonance to metastasize to the point where it actually destroys the innate parental instinct to protect your children. If we can understand it, maybe it can be treated.

    Someone (who is a mom) recently asked why my wife and I choose to carry pistols. When I described the reports of what happened to women at the Bataclan Theater (some of their deaths involved being raped with knives) and children at the Kenyan mall terrorist attacks (bayonetted to death and shoved into freezers), and how we have decided we will never allow that to happen to anyone in our family, the person became bereft and asked me to stop talking about it. It was as if refusal to acknowledge the problem was some kind of affirmative defense against evil. The momentary discomfort of discussing a defensive strategy against the evil act was more painful to them than the prospect of being completely defenseless against evil. I don’t know how to treat a person whose brain is that broken.

    • I don’t think it’s a broken brain at all, but a very well-programmed one.

      “It was as if refusal to acknowledge the problem was some kind of affirmative defense against evil.”

      There you describe the internal mechanism of the programmed mind. In the real world it is evil protecting itself against truth.

      I was just dealing with that last night. There are people who’ve developed their truth-blocking ability to such an extent that they literally will not hear it. They’ll interrupt, jump around, shout, anything and everything it takes to make the truth-telling stop.

      And as MUST be pointed out; one cannot so pointedly and effectively block the truth unless one is able to recognize it. Now isn’t THAT fascinating? It’s like an immune system that knows exactly what to attack and what to leave alone. That requires specific programming.

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