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The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is dedicated to reducing gun injuries and deaths in America by stemming all of the causes of gun violence.

Brady Campaign
April 19, 2018
Victory in Brady Center Lawsuit Against Gun Website for Gun Sale Used in Mass Shooting At Wisconsin Spa
[They mean it. Literally. They want to stop all causes “gun violence”. How can you do that without eliminating all guns?

It’s not like they can eliminate all violent attacks on innocent people who would use “gun violence” to defend themselves. Self defense is their biggest weakness. Push the self defense angle and watch their arguments crumble. This principle, self-defense is an inalienable right, is something they must get people to ignore in order to win in the court of public opinion and here is an example of them using weasel words in their attempt to deny people their rights.—Joe]


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    • That figures. CDC has been on the wrong side of this issue for decades, ever since they turned themselves into political hacks by claiming an “epidemic” of gun violence and arrogated to themselves the power to analyze such things as if gun owners were bacteria.

  1. “…by stemming all of the causes of gun violence.

    One unstated premise there is; guns cause crime. I reject the premise and therefore will not engage any discussion founded upon it. Knowing from whom the quote originates, I also know them to be liars, and again, I refuse to entertain a discussion with liars on liars’ terms. I’ll only admonish them until they begin to acknowledge the truth, or forget about them altogether. Speaking truth to dedicated liars is like the proverbial casting of pearls before swine (the pearls are ignored, and trodden into the mire).

    There is of course but one root cause of criminal violence; evil. Without evil there can be no criminal violence, and in that case the number and types of guns, and the number of people who possess them would be of no consequence.

    Being that there is evil in the world however, one of the reasons for owning a gun is to repel or deter attacks by the evil, in which case gun possession would be a net positive. This of course assumes that there at least a few good people here and there who would choose to own guns, and that requires a deeper look;

    Authoritarians generally oppose private gun ownership, and favor coercive disarmament. The founding premise of all authoritarianism is the indictment of humanity. We are either too selfish, to incompetent, too ignorant, too unstable, too foolish or too evil to keep and spend all the money we earn, to be trusted with educating our own children, to make all our own business decisions, eating the right foods, and so on and on, etc., ad infinitum. Therefore the “wiser”, “smarter”, “better”, more educated and more “compassionate” people in government must be entrusted with the power to force their superior, wiser decisions upon us. That’s our government as it has deteriorated to its current state. If, after all, we were generally good and wise then there would be no need, no use whatsoever, for government. We’d look out for ourselves and for one another.

    It is the job of government to justify government, and to grow it, and to extend its false authority, and its implied coercive power, so of course government is going to indict humanity. That Grand Indictment gives the authoritarian its only reason for being, and so with regard to our trustworthiness in the matter of gun ownership, we’re being indicted, naturally, just as in all other matters.

    The more lowly, the more incompetent, the more ignorant and the more evil we can be made to view ourselves and Humanity in general, the more government “authority”, the more coercive interference in our lives, we are willing to tolerate. It’s the elementary schoolyard bullying process, but with trillions of dollars and guns and jets and bombs. If this process is allowed to run its course, there will be nothing left in our lives but coercive interference. We’d either be on the perpetration end of it or on the receiving end– Nothing left but a chain of command of bullies and cowards.

    Speaking of evil….
    Yes by now I hope you’ve come to ask the same question; what’s more evil than the indictment of all of humanity for the purpose of claiming coercive power over all of humanity? Speaking further of evil, if you take a cursory glance at the news headlines, at the TV programming, and so on, at what’s been happening to public “education” and all the rest; is government promoting good or evil, generally? Answer; government, in virtually all cases and at virtually all times, promotes it’s own power, reach, wealth and authority at the expense of all else. That becomes it’s only job. The more power it gains, the more it attracts the evil into its folds, and the problem worsens exponentially.
    Don’t fall for the ruse. Don’t be seduced into it. Expose it.

  2. It’s more complicated than your comments would suggest.

    Apparently (and I’m tracing through the links provided in the original commentary), if you are the creator of a website which links firearms vendors and buyers … however tangentially … and a purchaser commits a crime with the gun purchased through that linkage … you are as liable to civil suit and punishment) as is the original seller of the gun to a (should have been known) felon.

    Which suggests that YOU need to have performed a background check on EVERY purchase, even as a Third Party.

    And if you do not do so, you are subject to fines and imprisonment for selling a gun to a felon. Even though you were not a part of the process, but only provided links which your readers could use to buy a gun.

    • Sounds like you’ve been conned by an amazing pile of fiction and wishful thinking by the enemy.

      • I’ve been reading through the court decision. It looks like jerry the geek is summarising it fairly. You may be able to call a decision of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals an amazing pile of fiction, but it still has to be taken seriously.

        Is there a legal defense fund for this case? If not, are you prepared to start one?

        We can spout off on a friendly website like this one, but a lawsuit like this is the front line in the fight for gun rights.

        • Yes, I see your point. Apologies to Jerry for misreading things.
          It looks like fascism is still alive and well in WI, the home state of Joseph McCarthy.

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