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  1. Really, seeing as I didn’t buy any one of my guns with the intent of making my d**k look bigger, I don’t see how any of that matters. Also, her perception of me as a d**k has no effect on my wanting to own firearms. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Now I want to buy one more, just to spite her. Maybe I’ll buy an old single action revolver and name it “Wheels” or something.

  2. Ma’am, you have the absolute right to voice your opinion. It doesn’t mean your opinion is worth a damn.

  3. There’s the Straw Man argument again. It’s just about all they have– Make up something completely stupid, attribute it to gun owners, and then make fun of the gun owners for having the trait you made up and assigned to them.

    Well, “Honey”, we didn’t come up with the idea that a gun works like a magnifying glass. You did, so who’s the ridiculous one?

    Also; stop thinking about my penis– Men are not just objects for your amusement.

  4. How does she know what a dick looks like?……Based on her looks, it was probably 50 years ago since she saw one. Doubt she can remember that far back…

  5. Held by a woman in a WHEELCHAIR! The level of Irony there. David Hogg, all 97lbs of him could beat that woman to death in less time than it takes to order a cheeseburger from a local greasy spoon.

    Who do you entrust your safety to, ma’am? The Police? They’re outside hiding behind their cars where it’s safe….

  6. The true irony here is that she likely thinks of herself as classy and intelligent.

    • I’ve noticed the new badge of courage for pseudointellectuals lately had been to say more naughty words in public. They’re like children discovering profanity, normalizing it, and experimenting whether or not it makes them tough.

      • “Wealth is, for most people, the only honest and likely path to liberty. With money comes power over the world. Men are freed from drudgery, women from exploitation. Businesses can be started, homes built, communities formed, religions practiced, educations pursued. But liberals aren’t very interested in such real and material freedoms. They have a more innocent — not to say toddlerlike — idea of freedom. Liberals want the freedom to put anything into their mouths, to say bad words and to expose their private parts in art museums.”

        — P.J. O’Rourke

  7. “madam, I bow to your superior knowledge of what dicks look like. They will not fire at the speed of my 1911. God bless and keep you…..”

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