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Faced with a generation of defeat in the gun debate, the Left is increasingly turning to one of its favorite weapons in the culture war, stigma. It’s mobilizing its tribe — including progressive corporations, Hollywood, and the mainstream media — to not just make policy arguments but also to shame and insult Americans who disagree. The goal is to make gun ownership culturally toxic.

But shame is weaker than love. Gun owners who’ve experienced a threat possess or carry a weapon because they love their families. Teachers who wish to carry a weapon at school do so because they love the kids under their care. These folks know that their responsible gun ownership makes their communities and families safer.

Why does the Left keep losing the gun debate? Because it’s hard to persuade any man or woman to surrender an unalienable right — especially when exercising that right helps preserve the most vital right of all, the right to live.

David French
March 5, 2018
Why the Left Won’t Win the Gun-Control Debate
[It’s hard to win a debate when you are being shouted down by an angry mob or going into hiding because you and the lives of your children are being threatened.

It may not be long until the “debate” goes non-linear and gun owners will be required to use a much louder voice to get their points heard. It’s too bad the restrictions on suppressors haven’t been lifted yet.—Joe]


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  1. Yeah, we had the constitution and that should have been enough. By law it is enough. But the forces of darkness wanted a debate, because they hate the constitution and wanted to show that they had defeated it by consensus. Like idiots, wanting to seem “reasonable”, we swallowed that hook– We had a debate with the anti-Constitutionalists.

    Yes; if you ignore the thousands of unconstitutional gun laws they got on the books, and if you ignore the fact they we have a federal agency, which we pay for, dedicated to the sole purpose of infringing and violating the second amendment every day, they “lost” in the sense that we aren’t completely unarmed.

    Probably the biggest failure on our part is the one failure that is never understood until it’s far, far too late. That failure was granting them the debate in the first place, for in so doing we gave over to them a large share of our credibility. Now it’s coming down to “by whatever means necessary”, and it will have been with our blessing.

    Certain things are simply not the proper subjects of debate. Slavery for example, or anything else which violates basic human rights. No, we cannot have a debate over implementing those things, because they are wrong. Period. Same goes for citizen disarmament or anything which could conceivably ever lead to it. See? An honest debate, a “conversation”, a search for consensus, can only be entered into if both sides are willing to accept either outcome. It can be entered into only if either side’s win is morally acceptable. Otherwise, “having a conversation” is just a precursor to war.

    But we as a country have compromised at the outset. Call it prudent, I can’t argue, but it is why we are at this sad junction today. Prudence must not be confused with righteousness. Often they are opposites. We prudently compromised at the time of the Revolutionary War, and now, 150 years after the Civil War ceasefire (there was no surrender because the enemy is still among us, still fighting us) we still have the political party of the Confederacy as one of our two major parties, and so we’re still fighting that war. We compromised. We gave them a large portion of our credibility, and so anything that’s left of our credibility today is tainted (now who looks the more prudent?).

    So before we can continue, and win back that true second amendment, which I maintain never existed in practice because it has never been applied to all Americans, we must ask ourselves; how do we take back that credibility, or authority, which we gave over willingly to the enemy? Did we ever have any to give? Where do we find it?

  2. The left isn’t interested in ‘winning the debate’ because debate implies logic, facts and reason. Not exactly the forte of the typical lib. The left is only interested in one thing. POWER. And the unmitigated use of power requires that those you seek to wield said power over be incapable of effective resistance.
    Thus the never ending quest to destroy 2A rights and disarm ALL OF US. Anything else they may say is a lie, a distraction, an effort to misdirect the gullible. For most leftists it’s pointless to engage in discussion about anything.
    They are immune to reason and thought. They emote their way through life and ANYTHING that contradicts their feelings is automatically discounted, discarded and attacked. The few rational people embracing leftist values KNOW that we are correct and that fact, history and law is on our side. They simply DO NOT CARE. What they want is CONTROL. Over all of us and everything. Therefore while they understand our logic and position they ignore it as it doesn’t serve their agenda. Hitler, Stalin and Mao all knew that armed citizens cannot be ruled. That is why they disarmed them….so they could turn them into slaves.

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