Quote of the day—Sunny BoycottNRA ❤ @srfuzy

Why are we even giving her the time of day…@DLoesch is a female version of Hitler.. who knew in one Presidency term we’d have a male and female modern day HITLER


Sunny BoycottNRA ❤ @srfuzy
Tweeted on March 16th, 2018 and deleted by the morning of March 17th.
[You have to wonder… is it profound ignorance that enabled Sunny to concluded that HITLER is a generic insult like “pond scum” or “jerk”? Or do they live in some sort of delusional reality where Hitler didn’t confiscate firearms before sending “the deplorables” to the death camps?

In any case, two things are clear:

  1. It is very telling when they have insults and we have SCOTUS decisions
  2. Rule #3, SJWs always project.



4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sunny BoycottNRA ❤ @srfuzy

  1. “who knew in one Presidency term we’d have a male and female modern day HITLER”

    Loesch doesn’t hold any position in the Trump administration.

    The quote is unhinged. Bad syntax, bad grammar, illiterate and illogical. As rebellion however, it will be taken as brilliance by those of the Authoritarian Alliance.

    It is important though to point out that Trump and the Republican Party in general is authoritarian enough, Fascist enough*, hypocritical enough, that the leftists can always find some grain of truth to back their accusations.

    Frustrating as it may be to the kettle, the pot calling the kettle black is, from the point of view of the pot, quite logical, justified, and indeed irrefutable.

    I can’t think of anything I’ve heard Loesch say, though, that’s particularly Fascist– Maybe I haven’t listened to her enough.

    *Fascism, in simple terms, being a partnership between government and industry, ostensibly for the The People. Nearly all farming, for but one example, is Fascist in structure and practice. It’s difficult today to find any enterprise, except at the puniest levels, that isn’t Fascist. Even a religion, taking government subsidies in the form of special tax exempt status, is “partnering with government ostensibly for The People”. There’s really no way out of it, other than to completely “get out of Egypt” in which case you’re left wandering in the desert for forty years. Given all of that, we’re all Fascists now. Many who consider themselves conservatives, or even patriots, would howl in protest at the suggestion that we do away with all Fascism (once they started to realize the implications). Try to give the feces-throwing chimps and goony-birds on the left a little break then– They can no better make sense of the web of global, ecumenical, surreptitious authoritarian bullshit than the people they’re targeting with their rage. Also never forget that a converted leftist is your absolute best friend, and the authoritarians’ worst nightmare.

  2. Didn’t Hitler also recruit children into some kind of socialist youth brigade? *COUGH* DAVID HOGG

  3. “They (liberals) were so busy calling Bush Hitler, and Cheney Hitler, and Rumsfeld Hitler, that they completely missed the guy with the funny mustache feeding people into the woodchipper.” –Dennis Miller.

  4. Dana is awkwardly combative in tone and a poor voice to represent gun-owners to the muddled middle. But “Hitler?” Geesh.

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