Quote of the day—⚜️Lynn⚜️ @lindeeloo_who

An AR-15 is just a civilian dick extender that people that never had the balls to enlist and Veterans with combat weapon separation anxiety use to make themselves feel big and bad during their weekly gun nut circle jerk in Bubba’s garage.

⚜️Lynn⚜️ @lindeeloo_who
Tweeted on March 6, 2018 (and later deleted)
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Would this be based on personal experience or is this just another one of those delusional rants we get from anti-gun people?—Joe]


15 thoughts on “Quote of the day—⚜️Lynn⚜️ @lindeeloo_who

  1. I would have to assume that as a Veteran and AR15 owner that I’d be classified as a psychiatric case and considered a walking time bomb.

    Jeff B.

    • Psychological analysis. Why do I think of the Soviet Union when Leftists mention psychological fitness to own weapons (or vote, or any of a number of other rights)?

  2. Again the preoccupation with dicks. Perhaps she needs a boyfriend (just guessing, but the possibility of that happening seems unlikely), or her partner should invest in better toys.

    • To be a but crude, the rule is, “Don’t stick it in the crazy.” As others here have implied, she’s beyond any question crazy.

  3. Got that double whammy, either you didn’t have “the balls to enlist” so you’re making up for it, OR you did enlist and now you’re mentally unstable. Either way, you shouldn’t own an AR-15, because feelings.

  4. That’s a textbook demonstration of bigotry.

    But we digress. The point of citizen disarmament is to oppose the good in favor of the evil. It’s a criminal-protection movement. All of the silly, apparently stupid, behavior we see flows from that.

    But as I keep saying; don’t knock it. It works. Evil rules the world.

  5. I have a lot of firepower, but I do not own an AR-15.
    So I am confused what sexual classification she would assign to me.

    I have no confusion what she is though. She is a hoplophobic, man-hating feminist, unpatriotic, deviant, crude, and ignorant gun-control freak. She demonstrated all of these attributes in her little rant.

  6. How did she know about Bubba’s garage? Peeking there as well as under the stall door to view my tiny dick?

    These people are seriously demented.

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