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THERE IS NO REASON TO OWN A GUN. The only thing a gun is good for is killing people. I am so happy to finally be rid of my Rifle and AR-15 and i think Trump is heroic for attempting to clamp down in guns.

March 1, 2018
I just proudly turned in my guns
[I guess this settles it then. Since I have fired, approximately, 150,000 rounds without killing anyone it proves my guns were malfunctioning the entire time.

And furthermore Anonymous apparently believes there is never any instances when it is praiseworthy or even appropriate to kill someone.

Anonymous has crap for brains.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Anonymous

  1. Well, there is a fair amount of agreement that the mentally defective should not have guns. So clearly his actions are a step towards achieving that goal.

  2. Joe, I understand and appreciate your habit of saying “crap” instead of something more vulgar, but I have to say that in the case of Anonymous, “crap” falls well short of the mark.

  3. “No reason to own a gun”

    Hmm. I can think of several reasons. Not that they’re anyone else’s business, mind you.

    So, does your lack of imagination, or of comprehension, rightly place limits on my freedom?

    Does your hate or fear grant you power over and above the rights of others? Does coercion become legitimate, even good, so long as the coerced are hated by the perpetrators of coercion? This is a serious question, because many people believe that it does, and so hate becomes a currency, a political commodity.

    In fact, hate is like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other guy.

  4. Of course there are scores of aplications that the AR platform is good for.

    That being said, why wouldn’t I want a gun that is good for killing people?

    Deadly force is not only legal in the United States, but every nation in the world!

    Sure, some nations severely limit what citizens can use to exercise lawful deadly force, but that’s just giving a sporting chance for monsters. ..I guess they want to preserve rapists and murderers for future generations to enjoy.
    It’s still legal to kill someone who is bent to do you serious harm.

    Self Defense is a natural HUMAN behavior.

    Those who are against self defense are by definition inhuman in their actions.

  5. Yeah, pretty sure this fabulist never owned a gun.

    Pull the other, Sunshine. It plays “Jingle Bells.”

  6. “The only thing a gun is good for is killing people.”

    It’s not the ONLY thing but yeah, some people need killing and a stand-off weapon ensures the safety of the one who needs to do the killing, so I’ll be keeping my guns. Thanks for your concern. Bye bye.

  7. Ah, it’s a /pol/ thread off 4chan. Gotta watch those, though. Sometimes people randomly post the most ridiculous stuff just to see who reacts.

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