5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Weer’d Beard

  1. Actually, all wild animals practice self and territorial defense. Some are more effective than others. Some have more effective weapons and better tactics but even a rabbit will turn and fight a coyote if there is no other choice. There is a name for animals that can’t or won’t fight it is called food.

    • Hive insects won’t, unless you count the entire colony as one organism. And of course the planktonic animals might practice self preservation, but it would be impossible to scientifically observe.

      Also some animals like the praying mantis, some spiders, and a few others have some interesting breeding tactics that blur the lines further.

      But 99% of all animal life and to some extent most plants do behave in ways contrary to the behavior of 99% of the corporate anti-gun lobby.

  2. Traditional Buddhist’s abhor violence, and are supposed to be passive even when the violence is directed at themselves – at least this is the stated ideal. Recently though, people are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! regarding their ethnic cleansing of Myanmar’s Rohingya minority, or in Sri Lanka. To the Christian, this seems incongruous.

    To a student of history, this fits nicely within the Human Condition. It is not an aberration. Tribalism (the preferred approach of the new Progressive Left Democrats), is the vector by which governments are weaponized against the “wrong” section of society, whether a minority or the majority. Think Hutu vs. Tutsi, or the Bolsheviks and Soviet Communists vs. Kulaks.

    I am a Christian. Peace be unto you, but please do not be surprised if I become violent if you “start whippin’ in on my favorite baby seal with a lead-filled snowshoe.” – classical reference Frank Zappa’s “Don’t eat the Yellow Snow”

    • I suppose if you inflect it the right way, “Peace Be With You” could be uttered in the same sense as, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

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