Quote of the day—J.D. Tuccille

Social media at the moment is full of gun opponents celebrating efforts to isolate the NRA and its membership. It also features gun supporters flashing images of their new membership cards in that organization. NRA members now vow economic retaliation against the companies that succumbed to similar threats from anti-gun activists. The big losers are bound to be those companies who felt obliged to publicly pick a side in the new economic phase of the growing culture war.

But pick a side, they did, and many more will come under pressure to do the same in the days to come. The political tribes are restless, and they’re eager to do as much damage as possible to their cultural enemies with the only tools left to them.

J.D. Tuccille
February 27, 2018
Culture War Is All That’s Left When Gun Policy Battles Become Pointless
[Via email from Stephanie.

Tuccille’s analysis rings true with me.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—J.D. Tuccille

  1. The Dims won’t learn what a toxic tactic promoting gun control is, particularly during midterm elections. The lesson will be administered once again this November.

  2. We are not one country and will never be again. The cultures are incompatible. At this point, the choice is will we be Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia. Neither exist any more but the process and consequences were very different.

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