Quote of the day—David Hogg

An 18-year-old that has a history of being a bad kid shouldn’t be able to get hundreds of rounds of a weapon in a matter of days.

David Hogg
February 25, 2018
Florida shooting survivor vows to stay out of school until pols pass gun reform at N.J. rally
[Even if we give the kid the benefit of the doubt and assume “rounds of a weapon” was a misunderstanding of the reporter he still is profoundly ignorant about how difficult it would be to prevent someone from obtaining hundreds, or tens of thousands, of rounds of ammunition. If he doesn’t understand this then he must also believe the war on drugs is working.

The kid must have crap for brains. But, what do you expect from a high school dropout?—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Hogg

  1. i did my own bit of school skipping as a kid, but at least i was never dumb enough to think i was hurting anybody but myself by it. how old does a child have to be before they realize “i’ll hold my breath until mommy gives in” isn’t an effective tactic?

    • At that age, they are convinced that they know it all. The world is simple, black and white. They get angry when you point out that they dont yet know shit about shit.

  2. This kid’s transgressions were never recorded nor reported by the school or local law enforcement, and the FBI did not bother to follow up when someone said something. Officially he was not a bad kid.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

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