It makes perfect sense

Students Participating in Gun Control Walkout Are Arrested After They Throw Rocks, Damage Cars:

Some California students who were participating in a school walkout in response to not having nationwide gun control laws were arrested after they began to throw rocks and cause property damage.

KCRA reports at least five students were arrested on Friday after they started to jump the fence to leave school property and began throwing rocks at both civilian and police cars. According to KCRA, charges include “battery on an officer, resisting arrest, taking an officer’s baton and vandalizing vehicles, including patrol vehicles.”

You might think this ironic. But actually it makes perfect sense. Of course criminals want the public disarmed. They don’t want to get shot.


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  1. I suspect it’s a small bit more complicated than that;
    “Some California students who were participating in a school walkout in response to not having nationwide gun control laws” and perhaps slightly more ironic.

    They oppose “Gun Rights”, so they throw ROCKS?

    “Stoning” is traditional middle-eastern cultural punishment imposed upon individuals who do not meet the ‘norms’ of their peers. For example: women who do not marry men whom their parents have chosen for them (even though the would-be bride has never met her “groom”.)

    The consequence of “stoning” is typically death by volent assault.

    It’s a barbaric and painful custom … women who have been stoned are often later found under mounds of fist-sized (about 1 pound per) rocks which have been used to murder them slowly .. by their peers. Women are involved in stoning, men are not so often involved in the action..

    It’s cultural thing, you wouldn’t understand. (Okay, *_I_* don’t understand!)

  2. It has been my experience (viet nam) that people who feel guilty about “something” (for whatever reason) in a “War Zone” try to expunge their guilt by assaulting ‘other people’ to distract attention from themselves.

    They seem to think that if they appear to be violently opposed to the goals of the less (currently) powerful side, they will avoid punishment for activities which. if examined closely, would suggest they were on the “wrong side” .

    I’ve seen (obvious) Viet Cong guerrillas switch sides without blinking an eye, in order to avoid punishment for their previous guerilla activities.

    Can’t say I blame them. It’s a lot easier to stone a woman than to be shot for a guerilla. I’ve known “Chu Hoi” (surrendered NVA) lead us to VC base camps time and again.

    Of course, those base camps were always empty, devoid of both personnel and equipment … but at least we were able to blow up their (empty) bunkers with copious charges of C4. Not that they couldn’t rebuild before the day was out, after we left.

    No wonder Viet Nam was always known as “the first war we ever lost”.

    A few stoned women, more or less, were never important in a war to resist occupation. We would do the same thing, if America was invaded.

    And frankly, the guys who were on the “front lines” wouldn’t lose a moment of sleep over them. In a war for National Sovereignty, I go back to the original motto of the First Infantry Division:

    “No Mission Too Difficult; No Sacrifice Too great. Duty First!”

    We were outclassed before we ever set foot in the country.

    I would hope that if our country was invaded by a more powerful force, we would have the courage to make sacrifices which were as effective.

    (They scare the SHIT out of invading troops!)

  3. “…both civilian and police cars…”
    So, there was a military police (MP) presence then? That would be a news story in itself.

    Since police started receiving military-style rank (captain, sergeant, etc.) designations in the early 20th Century, it appears we’ve forgotten that our police are civilians. Our police have forgotten it too. Either they’re civilians working for us, or they’re a military, occupying force. Which is it?

    They do typically receive some federal funding, with strings attached. If the distinction is no longer important to anyone, or understood, or even noticed, if we don’t know that there is something there that we don’t know, then what have we lost?

    One might be able to make the case that, because of that failure of discernment, alone, the country is probably already lost, that one failure of discernment being symptomatic, or indicative, of a cascade of perception, discernment and distinction failures.

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  5. Exactly, “criminals want the public disarmed” and so these “useful idiot” neo-Bolsheviks can have their way with the public by their mob violence.

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