Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

When someone attacks a school or other soft target, the response is going to involve people with guns. People with guns who are driving distance away are less effective than people with guns on site.

You cannot disagree with this. It is a fact. If you attempt to disagree, you’re just not living in the real world. Go see a professional, do not ever buy a gun, do not vote. You probably shouldn’t drive, drink or handle matches either. You probably need an audio track of “Breathe in, breathe out.”

Michael Z. Williamson
February 23, 2018
Why Liberals Are Wrong About School Shootings (And Everything Else)
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

  1. This is the perfect straw man argument. Nobody’s arguing that the response to an attack won’t involve guns, they’re arguing we should find ways to prevent the attack. So much of this whole debate is each side debating arguments they’ve made up rather than what the other side is arguing. It’s a waste of energy.

    • So you agree the “gun free zone” laws should be repealed and teachers and parents with concealed carry permits who are willing and able to protect innocent life should be allowed to protect innocent life with the best tools available. Good to know.

      Now we can move on to discussions about allocating resources to other ideas which might be able to prevent attacks earlier before they reach the last line defense.

      I’m fine with this as long as the results are monitored and if something isn’t working the idea is scrapped and the resources are allocated to something else.

    • John S; There are ways to prevent the attack, all ignored or opposed by the leftist agitator/criminal class.

      Maybe you didn’t read the article. It offers multiple layers of both prevention and and interception/interdiction solutions.

      Often when such a detailed and down-to-earth article is said to be “pointless” what’s really being said is “this doesn’t fit my narrative” or “this makes me feel uncomfortable”.

      Also, please identify the straw man. You made the assertion and I don’t see a straw man, but I’m willing to listen. Read the linked article first though.

    • John, what is the strawman in this excerpt of Michael’s statement? People on the left are in fact arguing against using firearms to defend schools. The idea of allowing teachers their birthright to defend themselves and their students with arms has been rejected wholesale by the left, and various leftist groups including Black Lives Matter are vehemently opposed to the placement of student resource officers in schools. A duckduckgo search quickly brings up multiple current petitions and statement papers demanding the immediate removal of SROs from schools. So in fact people on the left are arguing for disarming and removing the protectors of students.

      The lefts “common sense” preventions are in fact not common sense and do not prevent mass murder at all in a world where fully automatic weapons can be fashioned from scrap metal (search terms “Brazilian Homemade Machine Guns” and “drop in auto sear”), gunpowder for explosives can be crafted from dirt and charcoal, and where chemical weapons can be concocted from common household chemicals. The left’s ideological solution of forcible disarmament of common people (see the post currently pinned to the top of this blog), via the slippery slope which Nancy Pelosi recently expressed a desire for, amounts to tyranny, which the people of our nation will not tolerate. Tyranny does not prevent violence; it breeds genocide. Freedom is the precursor to peace.

      The left’s “common sense” preventions may as well be referred to by their more accurate description: Civil War II.

    • There’s a saying, it goes, “Read The Whole Thing”.

      As for “…ways to prevent the attack.” The comedian Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid.” I say, “You can’t stop crazy.”

      If you can’t stop 100% (and you can’t) then you must find ways to mitigate, deescalate, or stop further progress. There isn’t one easy solution. There has to be a multilayered response plan.

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