This morning I responded to a Facebook comment by someone wanting more restrictions on AR-15s because of the school shootings. The person said armed teachers was the wrong way to solve the problem because training, etc. I included this picture:


And I said this was the 37th through 46th shots, in her ENTIRE life, at 15 feet. I said I could do this with any woman of sound mind and body (on average, women learn shooting skills MUCH faster than men) with two hours of her time. And give me four hours and I can get them to the point where they could pass the shooting qualification test of local police departments. I offered free training to any teacher that wanted it.

Within a couple minutes I received a notification my comment had been marked as spam and I should review the comment. I went to do that and found the comment no longer existed. I was unable to review it.

I wonder why… [/sarcasm]


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  1. Well, perhaps it is time to enlist as many conservative media outlets as possible to give this incident as much coverage as possible to reach as many people as possible. It really is no surprise that Facebook censored your post. Personally, I would like to see that organization exposed as widely as possible for their real prejudices and intents. It is time to put progressives on the defensive.

  2. After my new, and Democrat, state representative voted against a gun bill in the Texas legislature, she issued a press release so full of error that I was compelled to write back. I pointed out the errors of fact regarding her misdescriptions of guns, and offered to take her shooting at a gun range in her district, anonymously and free of charge, to improve her knowledge base of issues in her district.

    I never heard back, for the first time ever in communicating with my state reps. Stupid is different from ignorant.

      • “Controlled” would be another.

        So who is in control verses being controlled? It’s all a matter of degree isn’t it?

        “Malicious” and “controlled by the malicious” are often difficult or impossible to distinguish because the behavior is so similar. Ultimately there is no difference, being that one bully is another bully’s victim, ad infinitum, I suppose, until you reach the top of the chain of command and expose the original, or master bully.

        Who among is doesn’t carry viruses? Yet some will succumb more readily than others, and still others live in perpetual fear of infection.

        • And we are being controlled right now– If the authoritarian alliance didn’t exist, if there weren’t on-going attacks on liberty, you’d be talking about something else entirely. This blog may not exist, or if it did it would be very different.

          My career would be entirely different, for sure. It is established fact, then, they we are under the control of sinister forces. QED.

    • She claims she didn’t report anything as spam. I reposted a briefer version and it has remained intact for now. We’ll see…

  3. “Reasoned Discourse”

    Then there was the “epiphany” moment of “Oh crap, this guy is internet famous and literally 10s of thousands of people read him daily.” Grits teeth and allows second comment to stand.

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